Keynote vs. PowerPoint

A decade earlier, the only platform for digital Presentation either at Corporate offices, Schools, Colleges, was PowerPoint. However there has been a lot of competitive push from several other tools like Keynote, Impress, Prezi, e.t.c, Which have emerged recently.

Its strongest rival hails from the line of Microsoft’s counter part Apple’s productivity suite. Obviously, PowerPoint is the winners in terms of popularity. But the real question is, which one is better in terms of performance and features.

Design and Themes

One might defer, but theme and design of the presentation, plays a vital role in determining it’s effectiveness. So it is one of the most important factors to consider. Apple as always, has an upper in terms of design.

Keynote is equipped with several state of the art, elegant and minimalist Templates, which provide your presentation a unique look, while, PowerPoint provides numerous themes, which look flat and less impressing compared to the former.

The same implies for other resources such as diagrams and charts as well. Keynote sports unique and attractive typography as well.

User Interface

Most of the users have the wrong notion regarding user friendly interface of PowerPoint. Most consider it as very user friendly, most probably because they have been familiar with it for over years.

However, in reality it has a bit of learning curve. While on other hand, Keynote has state of the art interface, which is simple and subtle which makes it easy for even new users to be able to master it. Keynote provides an simple and intuitive way for managing slides and manipulating objects and elements. It’s inspector features provides quick insights regarding the properties.


Keynote features a few minimal, subtle and captivating animation and transition effects. Both PowerPoint and keynote feature similar transition effects, while the latter has more effects on it’s list such as Anagram, Shimmer, Twist, Magic move.

 It’s signature animation effect is Magic Move, which provides a more professional look. Another notable feature of Keynote’s media functionality is, it is able to retain the transparency of images, unlike in PowerPoint which adds a white background layer.


Another issue posed is compatibility. PowerPoint is considered as a universal presentation standard, so it has the maximum compatibility ratio. However, it doesn’t matter if you are just giving out demonstration or presentation on your on computer.

However, if you are looking to collaborate with other users, or share the presentation online or any other platform, PowerPoint would be your best choice.

Author Bio: Kamal Nekkanti is an experienced PowerPoint consult, who blogs regularly at and designs Free PowerPoint templates.


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