Social media doesn’t have any fixed definition, since there are different dimensions to it. In general, Social media represents group of people clubbing together on any social network like facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, etc with a purpose or without. Reason for your online presence should be none other than the advancement in today’s web standards and ability to connect people across the globe. It has been very easy for people to share, upload, and communicate with friends spread across any corner in the world.

I have to tell you all this, not because you have no idea about social networking but how to make it big on these platforms is very important and the motto of this post is to discuss the necessity of keeping your online presence active and interactive for exponential growth of your blog traffic, also the brand.

Setting up your brand on Internet

Without any advice, everyone does it. Your blog is your brand and you are the brand ambassador for it. No doubt that you keep sharing whatever you publish in your blog but how does it make different from an email subscriber ? He will get the same link in the email you send him and also he should tolerate you on his Timeline in twitter ? That’s irritating for most of the new generation buds. They want it quick and the best among others, even you show up with the same content, narrating matters a lot. Assume you are holding good number of followers in twitter, keep them engaged, get them talking to you, reply them. What it all means? Interactive.

Be humble, be in no hurry to gain more followers or to get more retweets from your followers. If the content and title is catchy, they of course do share it. It is our job to keep it simple and yet different, being Interactive will also create good fame and impulse your followers to retweet your tweets, thus helping you to gain more followers, more traffic. Add to it, get yourself a creative logo, this does wonders in gaining some people.

Facebook is no different to be endorsed, like in twitter, create a official page for your blog, recommend it to your friends, keep it spreading, share the content on various groups and communities, you can also try to share the url of your facebook page so they also subscribe to you.

Analyze everything

This is the observing session, that ends with decision making or conclusions, That’s analyzing.
You need not be a ninja or nerd to decode the Social activity and understand how to make better patterns in future.

If people are more Interactive in twitter, do spend more time with them. Put some downloads for them, write an ebook if you wish for that purpose, offered with a retweet, you will make most when users start hitting the link.

You should see where the most visitors are coming from, link referrals, etc. You need to completely mechanise your blog with good content wrapped in favorable SEO. This will help you in reaching top space in search engines, also do understand what is domain authority and it’s importance in beating your competitors.

Good strategies will always prove good in long run and provide strong base to your blog, as it gets it’s due, you can generate sufficient amount of returns from it. If you have done something creative on any social networks, please do share it with us in the comments below.


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