PowerPoint 2013?

Microsoft has recently released Office 2013, after much built hype in the internet, soon after it’s consumer preview release. PowerPoint 2013 is the ultimate choice for your presentation needs, as it is equipped with every features necessary to build perfect presentations.

New Start Interface

PowerPoint’s new splash screen went through a complete overhaul. You can search for a template file’s name and apply it on your new presentation.

A Skydrive/Microsoft account login box is displayed on the top right corner of the interface, which allows you to login and sync your account.


Merge Shapes and Objects

This is one of my favorite feature addition. Merge Shapes features, allows users to merge two or more different shape and generate a new Autoshape. It was previously available on PowerPoint 2010 though, but it was hidden on the ribbon.

Join, Combine, Fragment, Intersect and Subtract tools are now available on the ribbon. This tool is tweaked up to avoid any errors and achieve precision. New alignment guides helps you line up objects and placeholders without any hassle.

New Themes

PowerPoint 2013 sports several Slide designs which enables designing a presentation, with a click of a button.

They are now featured in 16:9 aspect ratio. Each theme is equipped with a few variations which include color schemes, positioning and Slide Layout.


This is a significant addition in the new version. It allows multiple persons work, edit and design on the same presentation simultaneously. It provides a great mutual working eco-system.

Instead of being overwhelmed with various files pertaining to different versions, you can directly review the changes made by your colleagues, in the presentation itself using a simple interface. The changes will be clearly highlighted on the presentation, allowing you to either accept or reject the changes.

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