Movies are an interesting part of ones life. Personally I love to watch movies of various genres. Being a Blogger my inner subconscious about learning new things acts while I am watching movies. This has led to a series of facts and ideas we can utilise while blogging. Here are those.

1.    James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) –

Lesson - Wait for the right time.
Everyone must have seen James Cameron’s Avatar. But did you know that this movie was actually decided a lot before. James was all done with 80 pages of scriptment for this Project in the year 1995. The Movie was announced in 1996. But James did the right decision of waiting for a while. He realised that the technology required for making a perfect movie wasn’t actually present at that time. Thus in 2009 the Movie was released with possibly the best on-screen animations and VFX.

Lesson for Blogger – You might be thinking of a new project or simply starting away with a little idea. Here you must ask yourself a very important question. Is this the right time and situation to start away with these Projects.

For e.g. if you started a blog about cricket right at the time when the World Cup or equivalent comes then you are at a success. However if you start it when there is nothing really going on then it’s very much likely that you’ll end up having a very less audience.

2.    Exhibit A (2007)

Lesson – Resources don’t really matter when the Story is great.
Exhibit A is a thriller horror movie. This Movie was shot in just 18 days. This too with a minimal crew and the actors were doing their own Camera Work. Even with so less resources the Movie capped a lot of attention and grabbed a great collection at the Box Office.

Lesson for Blogger – Blogging is about sharing ideas and facts. People come to your blog to read your articles. It doesn’t matter if you have a cheap or an expensive hosting here or the fact that you have a non-paid domain. What matters, is your content.

E.g. – The blog is a personal blog by Katie Sokoler. It is actually one of the best Blogger blogs. The funny thing which can be assumed is that making of this blog didn’t need any kind of money. No hosting (Blogger needs no hosting) and no paid domain.

3.    Gandhi (1982)

Lesson – Dedication and a Definite Aim
Gandhi (1982) was a historical biography of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Ben Kingsley was given role of Gandhi. Ben was supposed to read the script given by the director to understand his role. But Ben not only read the script but also read the Books regarding Gandhi. He met History teachers and understood more about Gandhi. He even talked with an Indian accent for making it correct during the movie. This ultimately resulted into a very successful movie. His role was very much appreciated and he received an Oscar for Best Actor.

Lesson for Bloggers – Dedication can do some wonderful things. You might think that this is just a quote. But trust me, each and every successful blogger out there has a great dedication to his/her blog. I have asked a few Pro-bloggers about how much time they need for blogging. The average was 6 – 7 hours. Don’t ignore this fact. Keep on sharpening the blade.

4.    The Dark Knight

Lesson – If you are good at anything, never do something for free
In the Movie the villain ‘The Joker’ played by Heath Ledger gives us a very important piece of advice. He says, “If you are good at something, never do it for free.” This fact is something worth looking into.

Lesson for Bloggers
– In your entire blogging career, you might have understood some important tactics in SEO, or traffic generation. These are some of those things which you shouldn’t hide. You need to provide those same tips and tricks to others. But remember, never give them for free. This is your hard work. If you are giving it for free, it means that you don’t really value it.


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