Having your own website has never been this easier. With Web Start Today, all you need to do is follow three easy steps, and you’ll have that website you’ve always dreamed of for your business. Yes, there are other online website builders available in the market. However, let me take this opportunity to review why Web Start Today is one of the best options to choose for taking on a design project. It has established itself as the best solution for small businesses intending to build their own website. Developers have created pre-designed templates specific for your business type such as auto shops, salons, jewelry stores, interior designs and law firms, to name a few.Not only do they guaranteeeasy to use interface, they also commit to competitive and cost-effective pricing packages.

Easy To Use

One of the perks of WST is that you can easily create a website from scratch and even go live immediately. This is because it is built under the Content Management System (CMS) which primarily focuses on the ability and skills of the user. Website design was once considered as a professional job wherein you actually have to invest bucks just to hire an expert and get it done. Today, website builders such as Web Start Todayhave openeddoors for people without the necessary technical knowledge to spearhead the project.

3-Step Process

WST follows three easy steps for you to complete a website design: Register – Customize – Publicize.


It is an online website builder which implies that you must create an accountto experience it in entirety,and this is free of charge. This can be done by visiting their website at www.webstarttoday.com.


This step consists of the Web Start Today dashboard where you can see the pre-designed templates. Page customization is also extremely easy to understand. You can choose to upload your company logo, videos and pictures to make your website more engaging. Furthermore, you can also opt to change the initial content of the site, making it more specific for your business. One of the key points expert recommend is for you to manage your SEO content with the use of the right keywords to increase your search visibility over the Internet.


It is possible to get your website up and running instantly with WST. Guided with the program and client’s Terms of Agreement, you can readily achieve your desired website in no time.

Competitive Pricing Packages

You will need to choose a pricing package that will support the hosting needs of your website. For starters, you may opt to avail for the free subscription plan which will run your website on a sub-domain. The coverage of the free plan is already competitive enough since you can already enjoy premium services such as unlimited web storage, ad-free website, and various templates and theme options.For users who plan to establish their site on the long haul, they can also opt to choose for monthly and yearly plans.

Secured Payment Gateway

All payments are kept secure and confidential because an established payment channel is in place to assist users. Credit card payments such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are all accepted.

24/7 Customer Support

Web Start Today claims that they have designed a website builder with YOU in mind. This means that they stand for utmost customer satisfaction. One of the most crucial thing to consider when getting services online is to secure a responsive and effective customer service support. What’s appealing with WST is that they have this built-in support chat that can readily entertain your inquiries when doing the website design. Furthermore, they see to it that clients gets only the best and quality services right from the design stage until the hosting proper.

Incomparable Client Support and Education

The services of the WST team do not stop when they are already able to publish your site. In fact, they are much willing to increase the user’s knowledge and expertise on website design by providing E-learning courses related to website improvement.One of the battles in the Internet is about creating a website with SEO advantage. With Web Start Today, they can teach users some performance monitoring tools such as Google Analytics for them to be able to realize the impact of the website in their company growth. Furthermore, they can also help you manage an SEO content to increase your visibility in the Internet. This is an essential plan to be able to capture prospective customers and hopefully engage them in visiting your website.
Web Start Today is worth giving a try. You can avail of its premium services for free until you host your website and if you plan to do it on a sub-domain, you get it for free for a year. Plus, you can have all the customization you need. Surely, you will be the boss in terms of facilitating the aesthetic and information content of your website. Start designing now!

Guest Post by - Manish Chauhan


  1. I have created a new website at Web Start Today for my small business. They have huge collection of templates and you can select any of these as per you niche or industry.


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