Ever wonder how nice it will feel to have all your newspapers in your phone itself. Thanks to NewspaperDirect Inc. for this wonderful app they have developed for us. PressReader is a one time stop for all newspapers for you.
While searching for the perfect NewsPaper app, I have came across this one. Personally I found it very helpful and interesting. I was able to read the newspaper I wanted within seconds.

Here are some features -
  • 2,300+ Newspapers from around 96 countries in 54 languages.
  • Quick Searching and Navigation
  • Favorites and Auto Download Option
  • Social Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Email and Evernote
  • Printing Article
  • Listening to Articles
  • Font Style and Size Changeable 
Download it here - PressReader

Overview -  

Being an Indian, the first thing I tried to see was, if there are any Indian newspapers. Well, I was very happy to see that there were 115 newspapers just from India.Next thing I did was download Times of India, which apparently is my favorite newspaper.

Reading Experience 

Reading the newspaper was extremely crispy and smooth. I could quickly rush through all the pages without any lag. The option of looking through pages for landing upon the page wanted was aone of those features which takes the app to the next level. Zooming too is flawless and does exactly what is expected. The content present in the articles has click-able URLs, phone numbers, addresses and emails. Which can be of great use if we wanted to access those. Imagine doing that with a normal printed newspaper, you will have to manually enter the URL, phone number, email and other things, which not only wastes a lot of time, but also is inaccurate at times.

User Interface and Settings

User Interface is pretty simple and informative. You can easily navigate through all the options available and read without getting into much turmoil. The application guides you itself and creates a comfortable environment while reading.

Price and Plans

The App is itself free however downloading and reading newspapers is priced as low as 0.99$. Along with this plan, the App also gives us the option of spending $29.95/month which will allow the user a full fledged downloading the entire month without any restrictions.

The Application is available for these platforms - iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The App was tested on Android and iOS and till now it hasn't given any problems regarding crashing, lagging, unresponsiveness, etc. 

Personal Verdict -

What I would recommend my readers is going for this very app without any hesitation in mind. I have recommended by aunt this Application and she is really happy with this experience. Along with this I would ask them to share their feelings on this very app in the form of comments. 


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