According to StartCounter Global Stats, the independent website analytics company, the mobile internet usage is doubling year on year. It indicates that the number of people using internet over the phone will rise to about 25 to 30 per cent by 2015 from 8.5 per cent in January 2012. Recently, in the month of February 2013 the company also revealed that both Apple and Samsung with their amazing range of smartphones have played a big role in encouraging this internet-on-the-mobile trend. Needless to say that with this trend likely to go up, a business owner can’t afford to lose such a big markets.

The Mobile Curve
It is not just the increasing number of people which are using the internet over the phone, but it actually the amount purchase made on mobile phones that call for a mobile optimised website. Forrester Research, which is a global research and advisory firm, stats that by 2015, US retails sales on mobile is expected to reach USD 31 billion.

Extending the reach

So, the very first reason for having a mobile optimised website is to simply extend your reach to people, who are always on the move. The stats mentioned in the beginning of the article clearly suggests that people not only just use internet on mobile phone but they also purchase products, and share their favourite items making the most of their high speed internet availability on smartphones. Having a mobile website will simply allow you to reach these people, which are increasing in leaps and bounds. With the size of smartphones markets increasing day by day all across the globe, it has almost become unavoidable for businesses to compromise on their mobile ecommerce strategies.

Guarding company’s reputation

Even if you are not bothered to increase your sale, you will have to optimise your website for mobile just to guard your company’s reputation. You can afford to drop a certain section of your customers, but you can’t afford your company’s image to be damaged, not even a little bit. Can you? One should not only have mobile optimised site but it should also ensure that the site works properly on all the mobile platforms. If it doesn’t happen, your customer assume you don’t care for you business, which is not the case at all.

Making it convenient for them

It is not just the availability of your site on mobile phones, but it is also about the ease. Mobile sites are very easy to navigate. The step-by-step function allows users to visit specific section of products of your site and thus make it extremely convenient for them to explore product gallery and make purchase decisions. Besides, your payment options should also be enabled with the mobile website themes.
Convinced? Well! Actually, there is nothing to be confused about. A mobile website is nothing but a small version of your website that can be navigated within seconds on mobile phones. However, making it user friendly and easily navigable is something you need to take care of.

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