Losing or forgetting the password to your Microsoft Office file is as worse as having it corrupted or deleted. For some, struggling to remember the password may seem like a lost cause. But for some, any cyber problem has a virtual solution.

Looking for the perfect MS Office password recovery program

The most reasonable step when realizing you have lost your password is look for the perfect MS Office password recovery program.

Look for one that is most suited to your needs as a MS Office user: whether you are a professional working in a company, an executive doing a lot of PowerPoint presentation, an accountant or assistant in constant use of Excel spreadsheet, or a student who uses Word documents.

The list takes in the considerations of each of the MS Office password recovery programs: efficiency, features, and price

1. Free Word/ExcelPassword Recovery Wizard

Price: Free

Support: MS Word/Excel 97-2003

Free Word/Excel Password Recovery Wizard is a freeware that do most of the trick. Since most of Word documents are saved in .doc extension, and Excel spreadsheets in .xls extension, Recovery Wizard is still a relevant for use.

Even though it cannot support MS Word and MS Excel before and after MS Office 97–2003, both .doc and .xls extensions are supported by even the latest MS Office 2007, 2010, and 2013.

Just install either MS Office 1997 or 2003 together with this program and you ready to go.

2. Accent OfficePassword Recovery

Price: From $ 60 to $350

Support: MS Office 97-2010 and OpenOffice

One feature in password recovery programs is a performance called “brute force,” which Accent Office Password Recovery is more efficient and faster than the previous program.

Aside from recovering password not only for MS Word and MS Excel, it can also recover those in any other program of MS Office. It is more updated which also extends its support MS Office 1997 to MS 2010.

Another upside to this is its support to retrieve encrypted password in OpenOffice.

3. Advanced OfficePassword Recovery

Price: From $49 to $249

Support: MS Office 97-2010

Another password recovery program that spans its support from MS Office 1997 to MS Office 2010 is Advanced Office Password recovery.

It is most efficient in replacing, removing, and recovering MS Office password of all versions MS Office 97-2010 for MS Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, password-protect VBA projects, and other more.

4. Office PasswordRecovery

Price: More than $79

Support: MS Office 97-2010

Like the latest sophisticated password recovery program, Office Password Recovery salvages lost or forgotten MS Office password from all programs, including database passwords, workbook passwords, sheet protection passwords, email accounts passwords, and more.

And like the newer, updated, and more sophisticated password recovery programs, you have to shell out a few dollars in order to buy have useful toolkit wizard.

5. Office PasswordBreaker

Price: Only $29.95

Support: MS Office 97-2003

Like every password recovery programs that has the “brute force attack” feature, Office Password Breaker also lends its name as one those trusty password retriever wizards.

Aside from breaking, it can also remove the password from encrypted files without losing any data, so to say, a 100% recovery.

Though it is quite expensive, this program only supports MS Office versions from 1997 and 2003.

6. Office PasswordUnlocker

Price: Only $29.95

Support: MS Office 97-2007

Office Password Unlocker is another of those sophisticated password recovery programs that spans its support from MS Office 1997 up to 2007 with a little price in it.

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