Link Building = Successful Google Result Page

Google has been a pioneer in establishing a matrix for Search Engine Result Page (SERP). There were days when Google and all other search engines were using content of the website and architecture of a site as primary factors to determine SERP. Few years back (in relevance to the pace of online world you can say that before so many years, too!) Google has invented SERP algorithm and the backbone of this algorithm has been “Backlinks” or “Link Building”. Let’s have a closer look at the science of link building or a simplified answer to the complex question; “How link building is relevant to SERP Ranking?”

Google’s Page Rank Algorithm:

It is a registered patent, so obviously it is a confidential document and no one except Google can share exact mechanism; still experts in the field have learned something from their experiences. Here I am sharing the conclusive points of that shared experience by different Individuals. Under Google’s algorithm, all web pages that are indexed by Google are granted a certain amount of PageRank, which it can subsequently increase by receiving links from other pages. If a page gets a backlink from another page or you can say when a page get an external link from another page, the link juice or (relevant PR) is passed to to the linking page. It is a kind of vote of trust or you can say mouth publicity on the internet; when a page links to another page; it gains authority, stability and reliability. So over and all we can say that if a page has more external links to different pages, it will be ranked higher in Google’s eyes.

The Other Aspect:

So, does it mean that I have backlinks from so many pages then I will have higher page rank? What do you think only the number of linking sites matter? No actually quantity is not the sole factor, quality does matter a lot.

Page Rank of the Page from which you get Backlink:

The mechanism is not as complex as the title. If you link to a page with higher page rank, Google will think that a more reliable site have trust in your site or your content and ultimately more link juice or PR will be transferred to your site.
The authority of the Domain from which you get Backlink:
This factor also works in direct proportion. Higher the domain authority of the site you are linking to, higher will be the gain of your content.


Getting backlink is not a tough task but getting backlink from a relevant site or content is really tough and nowadays more important task. If you get link from relevant content on another site with same niche and nature then Google will rank you even higher than pages with more number of irrelevant backlinks.

Other Side of The Coin:

In the past few years we have seen Panda and Penguin updates to Google Algorithm and these updates have changed so many aspects and beliefs about the online world. The basic reason is that before the analysis of theses updates all the online nerds were thinking that passing the link juice is only a single sided communication. Unfortunately people were wrong, If you are getting higher PR from high PR site than if you are linking to a bad or penalized site then that penalty will transfer to you too!

So the only number of backlinks does not guarantee higher rank in Google SERP, but you must link to a quality site. This is the basic information regarding the relevance of backlinks to the Google SERP.

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