Galaxy Ace Plus is a Mid-level Android smartphone. It is equipped with a 5 MP Camera, 3.65 inches screen and a stock Gingerbread running. It came as a little disappointment as it wasn't included with the new version of Android that is the Ice Cream Sandwich. However as time passed, the Samsung developers promised a Jell Bean update for Galaxy Ace Plus users. Till now Samsung hasn't done anything about that. In my recent phone call to the Samsung care center the person informed me that there wont be any Galaxy Ace Plus Jelly Bean update.
Nevertheless, here are some of our developer friends from XDA who have brought us the CM10 for Galaxy Ace Plus. Here are some screens of this ROM -

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Download the ROM here - CM10 for Galaxy Ace Plus

What is working in this ROM

1) Telephony
2) SD Card & USB Drive
4) 2G and 3G
5) Google Now
6) WiFi

What's Not working - 

1) Bluetooth
2) USB Tethering
3) Project Butter
4) Camera

The ROM is indeed wonderful and something worth trying. However with these flaws around it, the ROM can be counted as an unreliable one and will make the phone unstable. Still there are those other Cyanogen features which will nice to try on.

Before installing this ROM, please make sure that you are a developer or an experienced Technology Personnel. Because this entire procedure requires you to be skilled. If by chance anything goes wrong then it will be difficult for you to overcome the fault. If you aren't able to do this please take it to a person who can handle these things. If something happens to the device then it is you who is responsible for it, nor TechWindow or the devs of the kernels are responsible.


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