This Awesome 5$ Accessory for iPhone gives 60X magnification

Just while browsing the Amazon store , I found this cool iPhone accessory which gives upto 60X magnification along with LED light and it costs less than 5$ ( 260 INR approx.)

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The Features of the product are great according to its price as it offers 60x magnification at a minimal cost of 5$ , This product unfortunately ships only in the US , But if you have your relatives or friends there you can tell them to ship it for you !
This lens according to the seller is compatible with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5
This Awesome 5$ Accessory for iPhone gives 60X magnification

According to Amazon this products ship's from HongKong , So try your luck and check if they are shipping it to your country.

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Product Features

  • 60x magnification
  • 1 Led light
  • Led light battery not included
The costumer reviews on the site are very good and it has received 4 stars .
some reviews suggests that it is bit difficult to focus but according to it's price it's quite interesting product.
You can Buy this product online for 4.92$ form 
Click here to buy this awesome product .


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