Everyone wants to maintain their computer healthy and error free. As the windows generation is preceding the tools to keep your computer error free is also increasing, most of the windows versions provides the tools by which anyone can keep their computer error free. We can find these programs under system tools in windows.

Here is the list of some programs, and a guide on how to use them in order to keep your computer healthy.

1. Disk Defrag: It is advisable to run disk defrag once in a month because by doing so, windows arrange the most frequently used programs in a way that It can be accessible at a very high speed. You can find Disk defragmenter under system tools in Accessories folder.

2. Scandisk: If you see that your hard disk is taking time to load programs then running scandisk utility is handy at that time. Scandisk scans the complete hard disk for the programs and arrange in a way that the program is easily accessible.

3. Disk cleanup: Disk cleanup is a great windows utility, it tells how much space is occupied by un-necessary files and you can remove them. This is a handy utility for those who are running out of space. You can find Disk cleanup utility under system tools in windows.

4. RegClean: Reg Clean takes about a Minute to check the registry. Then it asks whether you want to clean out redundant or orphan file. This usually helps the
Computer to get rid of files that have been left behind by Uninstalled programs. RegClean doesn’t come with windows you can download it from Microsoft website.

5. Windows update: it is advisable that every window’s user should update windows once in a month, because windows update come with latest fixes as well as security patches, which keeps your computer out of malicious programs.
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