It was in early 2010 that Apple introduced the world to Tablet. In just 3 years this has been one of the most in demand gadget and thus a new market for companies to venture out. Now almost a dozen of companies have introduced their own version of tablet with lots of features to attract customers. Once you decide to buy a tablet you might get lost in the pool of options with each tablet having their own specialty. It is very necessary to choose the correct tablet as per your requirement. Each tablet and company has something to offer you and it solely depends upon your requirements to find out the best among the competitors.

1. Though whatever may be said tablet may not be a complete substitute to laptops. They are sleek and have limited functionality when compared to a notebook. They have advantages of being super light and thus easy to carry around. There are various add-on hardware options available in market to enhance the productivity of the tablet. For example a wireless keyboard, speakers or a simple dock. You need to carefully analyze your needs to identify the necessity of buying a tablet. Tablets have bigger screen than a smartphone thus easy to work. You may also use it for video chats, playing games or listening music.

2. You will then need to choose the correct Operating system: iOS, Android or Windows. If you have office work related to spread sheets and documents opt for a Windows OS. Apple’s iOS has most number of applications in market, thus more options of games or media related work. Android has also gained lot of popularity due to its ease of use. Blackberry offers its own OS on its Playbook named QNX.

3. You can then select the model based on the memory option of: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. Some tablets also offer option for microSD card. You can also choose on the basis of features of 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connectivity. If you indulge in lot of video chat opt for the one with good resolution frontal camera.

4. Next most important feature to select from is the screen size and weight of the tablet. Screen size can vary from 7 inches to 10 inches. Depending upon your usability and ease of carrying you can choose the size. 7 inch tablet can be easily slid into pocket while 10 inch will allow you to work on documents more easily.

5. Last and the most delusional thing to work upon is your budget. Price for tablets range from $200 to $1000 depending upon the features it may provide. In addition to the tablet if you are buying any accessories they will add on to the cost. So keep that price as well in your mind. If you are opting data plan for 3G or 4G access then monthly bill will also increase.

Before buying a tablet do go to a store and take a feel of the tablet. This will help you choose the correct tablet. Do check out online stores they may offer you some discount.

Yogesh Mankani is a technology blogger by profession who writes almost on every niche. In free time, you can find him searching for cheap tablet pcs online for his two beautiful daughters.

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