3G has become a very convenient way of browsing internet in a wire-less way. Because of its tremendous support and interesting features, it has gained a lot of attention of the people. Here are some reasons which I think will lead to a cheaper 3G in the near future.

1. Use of Internet on Mobile devices - 

If you take a look at the chart given here, you will understand how the usage of internet through Mobile devices has increased rapidly. This obviously states that the rate of people using internet on their mobile devices has increased. Now taking in mind that the normal 2G speed isn't very good, these very customers will be looking for a better speed. Here if they are comfortable with the 3G prices, they might just ditch using 2G and move over to 3G.
photo credits - Medianama

2. Use of 3G has increased

This next graph shows us how people have started using 3G instead of 2G. This means that they are ready to experience more speed and features. To make this porting of 2G to 3G faster, the 3G retailers may lower the prices. This situation is very likely to happen. It is a common market trick which results in more profit.

3. Large Amount of 3G devices

If you take a look at the Cell Phone market now, you might be surprised to see that more than half of the devices are 3G supported. Also many of these devices are Android smartphones. Once a customer starts using an Android, he/she will understand the benefits of having internet on his smartphone. Now working with a slow 2G connection might make them a little upset. Thus the customer ends up using 3G because of its speed and features.

These reasons given above are assumptions which are taken from a researcher's point of view. Once this happens I'm sure that 3G will practically be the only internet connection available for mobile devices.


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