Rooting Galaxy Grand GT-I9082

Requirements -
  1. Computer with Internet Connection
  2. 40% battery
  3. USB Cable 


1. Backup all your data. The process doesn't delete your data. However its better to have a backup instead of sitting with nothing.
Read - Complete Backup of Android Phone

2. Download this file from here
3. Transfer this file directly in the SD card (Don't put it in any folder)
4. Enable USB Debugging by following this – Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging
5. Switch Off the phone
6. Now Switch it on by pressing this key combination - Volume Up + Center Button + Power Key together for 5 seconds. This opens the phone in Recovery Mode

(While doing this, make sure that you press the Power key at last.)
(Once you enter this you can use Volume Up and Volume Down to scroll and Center Key to select.
7. Select the second option 'install zip from SD card' and then select 'choose zip from SD card'.
8. Then select ''
9. Once it says 'Install from SD card complete' you can select the option 'Reboot system now'

Now once the phone starts completely then open the Menu and search for the App 'Superuser'. If you find it there, you have successfully rooted your phone. If not then, redo the entire procedure again neatly.

Why should you Root your Galaxy Grand?
Rooting gives you the permission edit the system files of your phone. This can be helpful during times when you need to install applications which need a Rooted Phone. There are many famous Apps like Chainfire3D, Titanium Backup and Apps2SD. Moreover you will be able to install new ROMs on your phone. These improve the functioning of your phone or give you a better UI.

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