Blogging is an interesting term. It has many definitions all over. Being a blogger myself I have interacted with lots of bloggers. One thing which I have seen in most of them is that, they think of Blogging as an income generating hobby.
Well they are not wrong. But not completely correct. Blogging can be a great source of income only when it is done using great efforts and patience.
Here are some points you have to take in account before you think of entering the blogging world as a Job, i.e. as a Pro Blogger.

1. Sharing Knowledge  >  Generating Income

The word Blog stands for Weblogs. It was first started to share knowledge, ideas, thoughts, etc. Monetizing it wasn't even thought at that time. Only a few people came up with their blogs. What lesson we need to take from here is that Income generating isn't what blogging is all about. Its about sharing knowledge. Its not a valid Job. It will act as one only if you change it into one i.e. Giving what the audience wants. Sharing stuff people will love to read, see and enjoy. Once you do this you will have a successful blog which can be further taken to monetizing.

2. Working anywhere, anytime. Not really.

So you think Blogging is like jotting down things when you are on a hill. Well it doesn't work that way. For making a wholesome post it is necessary to research on the topic. Along with that it requires patience, a lot of it to write meaningful posts. Other than this, images, contexts, videos are needed for an effective approach.
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3. No pain, No gain, Period. (Income)

To start blogging is easy. To take it to the top is damn difficult. Income is the sweet fruit you get once your blog gets on the top. But until then, you are simply running an obstacle race with possibly no end. Just Blogging wont be good enough. There are some tactics need to be followed. Like for example SEO, SEM, Social Media Engineering. Once you get a hold of this, then only will you get some reasonable effects. Read 7 NO-NON Sense SEO tips for New Bloggers.

4. No Pension or Retirement planning

Once you start your life as a Pro-Blogger you might need to continue it until you have enough saved for your remaining life. A Job might be able to give you pension. You need to continue blogging or simply opt for a normal Job.
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5. Risky

Blogs traffic depends upon various factors. Consider this, Google Panda and Penguin receive a new update. This means threat to your blog. Many times it has happened that the Blog with great traffic has fallen to a depth unimaginable. This could mean serious problems for your Earnings.

This article doesn't criticize Pro-Blogging. It simply states some true facts about it. Nor does it encourage people to consider a Monthly Job instead of it. This was a sincere effort to help people choose their career wisely.


  1. Hi Sanved! I love what you have done here with your blog as well as this post. This is great information. I do have one thing to add though there are really not a whole lot of jobs available today where one gets a pension. I believe this is a thing of the past. Now a days people need to really become conscious about this and plan for their future so perhaps blogging is something they should investigate HUH? Thanks for sharing Chery :)

    1. Your are extremely correct. However in my country people are obsessed with pensions so here is a little for them in the article. And I loved your blog, its great to read !


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