Maintaining the Computer's HDD can be a head ache at times. This simple software here helps us to avoid that by doing a simple thing, i.e. showing us the size of the folder which Windows never let us. Fortunately the developer of this software is kind enough to give us the 14 days evaluation period for testing out the application.
You can buy it for 27.50$ which is Rs. 1430.

Or you can try the Free version here - Download Folder Sizes

Here are some screens -

Personal Verdict - The program is really wonderful considering the efforts needed to make something this compact and useful. It gives us the feel of the Default Windows Explorer along with the tools useful for making a worthy Disk Manager.
However I feel that the price of the software isn't reasonable. It should have been under 20$. Which could have made me buy it.
Still a program just worth trying out!


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