Yahoo Answers has always been a great source of knowledge for us. One can say that it is an expensive service given for free.
Well for bloggers, it is always a priority to spread knowledge and help others. So what a blogger can do here is to reap the benefits of this free service to its fullest. While doing this the blogger is not just helping the random netizens but also himself.

Here are those tips and tricks to get most out of this service in the field of blogging.

1. Keep on answering

Yahoo Answers give you the opportunity to answer 20 questions a day once you get an account with them. Even with such a limitations, you should keep on answering until you hit the main number. The reason behind this is once you get enough points to get to the next level, you are allowed to answer 50 questions. This will make you famous as well as more exposed towards the questioners.

2. Add a link to your blog post if the question is similar to it.

In case the question is about the same thing you wrote before. Write a little, i.e. basic about it first and then show them the link to know more. This way you are getting legit links from the people who actually want to read that article.
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3. Show off your Blog

Yahoo gives you the option to change your Answering name to the one you want. Simply change it to your Blog's Name.

4. Publicize your Blog Logo

Trust me, Blog Branding now is a great way of getting traffic to your site. Change your Avatar to your Blog's logo. This way the people get to know about your blog more often
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5. Spread your Blog's Description/Signature

After every answer adding your blog signature or description, like for this blog it would be  " - Sanved's Tech Blog"

While following these tips. Make sure that you don't do the following -

1) Add your blog's link in every question even if its not related.
2) Giving direct link to your blog without answering anything.
3) Answering in a stupid way.

Like - "Google it" "you are asking something dumb" etc.

4) Using Dis-respective language in the Answers.


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