How to Find your Friends crush name on Facebook

What would be your reaction when you can find your friends crush ( Lovers name) ? You can now easily prank your friend and find his/her lovers name for free using Facebook , Google Plus etc.. or any site which has Chat option
So lets start with this tutorial:

What is this prank and how will it work ?

This prank is to find the name of your friends crush in minutes , First you have to go to a website register there , They will give you a link , Send that link to your friend and when he will open that link the webpage will show that This is a love calculator Enter Your Name and Your Crushes name , He will enter it and then his/her crushes name will be sent you and then you can start teasing him/her ! :D

Steps to do this prank :

1.) Go to Crushbits Click here to go
2.) Register by entering your name , email ,password , birthday .
3.)After entering the details click on the “create link”. It will redirect you to another page which contains a link,copy it and that is your link, which you have to share it on Facebook. Simply send it to your friend on Facebook
4.) Whenever your Facebook friend enters the name you can find it here by logging in 


  1. there is a facebook application named crushmycrush. you can Secretly save your crush list and when anyone in your crush list adds you in their list, both of you will get a notification. no one else will know it. its a useful app for everyone who is afraid of loosing friendship when u hav crush on your friend

  2. you can get the app at


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