In order to successfully promote business and get your name out there, it is important to use visually attractive design in order to get people’s attention. This can be anything from an interesting use of colours, to appealing patterns or generally anything that will make people look twice. This article has been written to serve as inspiration for all you budding designers out there who need a little advice on what direction to take. From viewing the examples below, you have a better chance of crafting something that not only you can be proud of, but should also successfully market your entity or individual self. When viewing these photographs be sure to take ideas without directly plagiarising them. It is important to be unique and create a clever design which people have never seen, something which all successful designs do.

Take a look at these examples of creative designs below, there are 3 business cards and one billboard style advert. They are all dark themed designs, fairly simple and great use of design:

There are various forms of advertisement for similar purposes, including business cards, flyers, banners, posters and various other advertisements. The first example we have to the left above is a very subtle yet effective use of purple and contrasting light. This is an example of not over complicating your design, instead using a sleek and attractive approach which serves its purpose perfectly. 

Next is an interesting campaign, which uses the real light from the billboard to appear as if the person in the poster is holding up the camera. This type of advert brings an extra dimension to proceedings, essentially breaking the third wall between the people viewing the advert and the advert itself. This is impressive and is certain to get attention, alongside the next business card to note. 

This, like the one to the right of it, uses a black background, with colourful elements on top to really offset the card. Black usually gives you a better opportunity to read writing on top of it, which is usually in a bright colour to create the perfect contrast. These two business cards use a wide range of colours, with the final example even using a cartoon person to represent the service. Easy going, fun ideas such as these are recommended to attract customers who appreciate the light hearted nature of design.

Be sure to visit various sites in order to gain inspiration for designing your very own form of advertisement. Though these ideas above serve as inspiration, you should keep originality in mind – you don’t want your design to look like something already out there, you want it to be unique, fresh and original to ensure it makes an imprint in the readers memory.

Hopefully this article has helped open your mind to some of the successful elements that compose an effective design for use in print. Don’t be afraid to try new things, these often lead to the most successful designs.


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