Everyone loves free things. But there are a few reasons on how these can be very expensive at times. These are some of those threats which can be a real problem for you.

1. Spyware

Yes, this is true. The uploaders want to monetize their uploads. They include a SpyWare inside the software. Thus the computer gets slow because it is busy watching ads somewhere on the internet and the uploader is benefited.

2. Key Loggers

Pirated Software have these too. These save your typing info and send it to the uploader. If in case you are affected by these. Then you are probably about to be bankrupt and have some stupid stuff written on your social networking sites. The only way to uninstall this is get a very good quality antivirus or simply performing a clean OS installation. Which might cost you to about 200$.

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3. False / Fake Software

This happens a lot that the software you just downloaded is not the one that you wanted to. It actually is another program made by the uploader to either make fun of you, or to monetize. This way you end up loosing all the bandwidth you had to download it. And bandwidth ain't cheap.

4. Locked files

Sometimes the uploaders give you the software in a Compressed file. Then they ask you to get the password from another website where you are asked to do a no. of surveys to unlock the password. At times the website even asks for money to unlock the password. Once you pay, they give you nothing. Thus you end up loosing Bandwidth + Money + Time + State of Mind when you could have simply get it from its original site for paying a reasonable amount of money.

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5. Loss to the developers.

Being a developer myself, I know the time and resources needed to make an entire software. If its being distributed for free, it doesn't feel right. If you really want the software, then try to get it with a Student Discount or a for free as a Giveaway from the Company itself.


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