YouTube can be an entertainment portal for most of the web audience but it can be a powerful tool for bloggers if used carefully. Here are some tricks and tips to enhance your blog’s traffic. These might seem simple at a first glance but trust me they are very effective.

1)      Blog Branding on YouTube

Blog Branding can sound as a confusing term, however its way too easy. Just assume your blog as a big brand or a business. For this make yourself a logo and a video intro. Now use this in a video and post it on YouTube. This way you are telling people that you are serious into blogging also whatever you post is considered as an expert’s opinion because of this.

2)      Post Promotion via YouTube

Let’s say you are writing about a Mobile phone. Then you can simply put a video with a glimpse of what the post contains. This way you get legitimate audience who wants to read the article. This works best if you have put some efforts into the video.
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3)      Use Funny videos of your blog genre

YouTube description can be used to add a link to your blog. Video can also be anything you haven’t made (For this you need to add a thank you note for the one who made it). Now find a comedy video of your blog genre, i.e. if your blog deals with Technology and Computers then simply find a video with funny things related to computers. Now add your intro to this video and a thank you note to original author (This is important). Lastly add your blog URL in the video description. Gives a lot of traffic.

4)     Make Tutorials / Reviews and Opinions on your genre related things

Once you make productive videos on things of your genres and put it on YouTube they will surely gain a lot of popularity. Now while doing this, you need to do some blog branding on the blog. This will make the audience aware that they are getting to know things from some experienced guys. Also make a written post on the Video review which you are making. While writing the post, make sure that add more info in it. Now add the link to this post in the YouTube video description. After this also add your blog link in the description. 
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5)     Keep subscribing

Once you subscribe someone, they are notified immediately. My personal survey suggests that 40% of the people, who we subscribe, subscribe us back. Now this is a great chance to meet more people and once they subscribe you they get notified if you like, comment and favourite or upload a video. This can be of great help for getting a lot of traffic.


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