Are you New to Blogging?
Are you suffering from low traffic?
Are you writing great articles still getting no response?

Then you have come to the right place. In my entire blogging life, one thing I have noticed is that, if a blog isn’t SEO optimized, it’s of no use.  SEO is a very powerful thing which must be used carefully. Before starting, I would request you to bookmark this post, as this post is a valuable reference you will need later. Also note that these tips will work 100% but will take a little time to implement.

1)      Blog Content (NEW AND BETTER TIPS)

·         Write what the readers want to read

Blogging is basically spreading knowledge. But while doing this, you must make sure that whatever you are writing is what the readers want to read. You might post about Lions, but the critics like Tigers. So ultimately you are at loss.

·        Don’t write off the topic things

Readers general come to your blog if they find the article interesting. But if you give them something else than what they are expecting, then it is likely that they will stop reading. 35% of readers generally quit reading after such things. For e.g. while writing about a new soap, you might suddenly write about the shampoo from the same company. Now the people want to hear about the soap. So the post dissatisfies them.

2)      Title, Heading , Sub Heading and Minor Heading

·         Keep the title of the post as Interesting as possible

Almost all of the readers come to the blog after reading the title of the post. So the title can then be kept such that the Readers are forced to read it.
Here are two types of titles –

1.       How to Impress a Girl
2.       5 Most Effective Tips to Impress a Girl

Reader will definitely get attracted to the 2ndi.e. 5 Most Effective tips to Impress a Girl. So make sure that you title the post in a way that will cherish your blog.

·         Split blog post into different topics with different headings.

Each and every post should be split into different topics so as to keep the reader free to read any topic. This not only increases the reader’s interest in the article but also keeps the reader stayed on the blog.
So to make this work, you must use different types of headings all over the post.
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3)      Backlinks (MOST IMPORTANT)

·         Add backlinks to every post you write.

Let’s say you writing about Jail-Breaking iOS, now in such a post you can add a backlink to things you have wrote before about iOS. People who have come to read about Jail-breaking would be interested in those articles as they own iOS. This way you get many pageviews from just one visitor. Remember for this method you need to have a few number of posts as to create a backlink of them.

·         Use a Quote or a Heading to display a Off-topic Backlink

You can use a Quote or a heading to present a backlink to a post which is off the post topic. This way the readers don’t get confused while reading and feel the urge to open the backlink. For e.g. if you writing a Review on a game, you can create a backlink for a Movie review inside a quote or a heading.

4)      Add Recent Posts, Random Posts and Popular Posts on your blog

·         Recent Posts

These will simply act as a very effective self advertising method to follow. Readers will get a hint of the post and open the article if they find it attractive.

·        Random Posts

This will enhance the page views to a great extent as the random posts keep changing every time. And if you have the titles optimized then you are likely to get many pageviews from just one visitor.

·         Popular Posts

This will showcase the popular content on your blog which would be good for more visitors.
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5)      Comment on each and every blog you visit with a backlink to your Blog

·         Commentluv is your friend

Commentluv is a wonderful commenting system. It doesn’t give you a dofollow link, however gives you a lot of traffic. This traffic can be very useful. To find commentluv blogs read this article

·         Blogger/Blogspot Commenting

To comment on any blogger/blogspot blog then use this format –

Or you can simply use it in a smarter way which won’t disappoint the blog owner. You need to add your link with a different text.
e.g. – I like your article, it is very <a href=”YOUR BLOG LINK”>interesting to</a> read. Keep writing such great posts.
This will be posted like this - I like your article, it is very interesting to read. Keep writing such great posts.
This way you get a backlink with very few chances of the comment getting removed.
Comment on 10 blogs after you write one post with the backlink of the new post.

6)      Get authentic traffic from Web Exchange Providers

There are a few services around the internet which provide traffic to your site by some algorithms. Now this method is useful for only bloggers which are about life-style and no about any technical information. You can still add it to your site but it may not be of so use.

Here are some of those sites - 


7)      Get Traffic from YouTube and other video sites.

Many people are fond of videos, why shouldn't they be ? Now with this fact in mind we can also take
help from YouTube to get a considerable traffic. 
Read - How YouTube can increase your Blog traffic GREATLY ! 
This post will help you get most of YouTube for blogging.


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