Indian Movies always come up with some or the other love story. But there are a few movies which give us the excitement of watching something different than the ordinary. Hacking and Technology are some of these topics, which aren't covered a lot. Still some movies use some of these aspects and try to make the movie a perfect recipe for all sorts of Audience

Here is the collection of Movies which have included the topics of Hacking and Technology in it.

1. A Wednesday

A Wednesday (2008) on IMDb

 A Man places Bombs all around the city and wants four terrorists in exchange. The movie is filled with suspense. An interesting use of Hacking and Technology is seen in it.

2. Kahaani

Kahaani (2012) on IMDb

A pregnant lady sets up to find her missing husband. While she unveils her husbands absence, she also gets to know things she shouldn't have known. Smart use of Hacking is used in the movie to find the culprits.

3. Ra.One

Ra.One (2011) on IMDb

A video game Villain comes to life and terrorizes a kid gamer. Excellent use of VFX and SFX is seen. Along with it, sharp tactics of Hacking and Technology are used.

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4. Don 2

Don 2 (2011) on IMDb

International criminal turns himself to the cops. However escapes but gets betrayed by companions. The movie shows unethical use of hacking for monetary reasons. Other use of technological equipments is shown in this movie.

5. Prince

Prince (2010) on IMDb
A diamond thief suffers from memory loss and fails to remember where he lost a antique coin. Movie shows some great Human-hacking techniques. Also interesting use of technology is shown.

6. Robot (Enthiran)

Enthiran (2010) on IMDb

A Computer Scientist creates a Humanoid Robot which falls in love with his fiance. Robot is shown to have many technological features. Great importance was given to computer architecture and electronics while making this film.

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7. Love Story 2050
Love Story 2050 (2008) on IMDb

A guy losses his girlfriend due to a car accident. He goes in the future to get a look-alike of his girlfriend. Movie features Robots as a part of the human life. Aerial vehicles are shown along with other futuristic things as imagined by the director.

8. Dhoom 2

Dhoom:2 (2006) on IMDb

A con artist manages to steal artifacts of great importance. Use of technological instruments and equipments is done on a large scale.

9. Krrish

Krrish (2006) on IMDb

A Story of a father and child, both bearing supernatural powers. The father is shown to invent a computer which shows the future. Inventive technological ideas are shown in the movie.

10. Virus Diwan

Virus Diwan is a yet to come film. As the name suggests, the movie will have Hacking and technology as the core topic in it.

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If you find any other Movie apart from this collection, then please comment below. THe movie will be added ASAP.

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