YouTubing was a considered as magic and witchcraft at first. But now its so easy that its become a trend now. But like everything, this too has its set of rules. And for having a nice YouTube journey, you need to follow them!

Here are some very IMP things you must follow to avoid Copyright Infringement

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1. Add Music BUT Reduce/Increase its Frequency

You have created a nice video but want to add a touch of music in it. Well no problem! Just select your favorite music and then let your video/sound editor reduce/increase the frequency a little. This tricks YouTube by showing it to be a very different kind of music.

2. Make your own Music instead

Creating Music isn't that hard. If you are creating Videos, I guess you can develop music too! There are software(s) like FL Studio to Create Music.
But if you are too bored to make that then you can simply Use Vegas or Virtual DJ to mix up your favorite tunes.

3. Use Trance instead of Songs

Trance music can be found anywhere on YouTube and other sites. Its basically made by DJs to ram up the Parties. Simply find a one on the internet and ask permissions whether to add it in your video. Also tell them that you will be adding Music Credits. Almost all of them give permission as to get famous. Or simply contact a Local DJ. He will surely help you.
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4. Use own or Edited images

While making video, you might have used an image or two. Don't worry, its completely fine to use them. However using the ones which have Copyright on them isn't ethical. It would be against the Owner's as well as YouTube's law. And the image being in the video still counts as usage of the image. To avoid this simply use a Non-Copyrighted image or make one right out of scrap.

5. Upload only your Videos

This might quite an obvious statement but still I forced myself to add this right away. This was because, there is still a huge group of people that tend to upload things made by someone other. This not only gives them Search Engine neglection but also makes them likely to get a Copyright Infringement if the maker of the video is serious about his content.
Even bad if you have uploaded a Movie or Soap. That way the producers can file a case against you! Wont that be just too dangerous?


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