Jelly Bean is the latest version of Android yet. Its fast, stable and comparatively better than the previous versions. Galaxy Y doesn't have the requirements to run this phone. However a ROM is developed with many features of Jelly Bean and and themed UI to get the most of the ROM.
Name of this ROM is JellyBlast Rom

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How to Install this ROM

Head over to this thread at XDA. JellyBlast for Galaxy Y. Now here you will find the instructions to install the ROM and monitor it.

The procedure is pretty simple to follow, but if not followed neatly may result into serious Malfunction of the device. So a warning to all of the Users, that while installing please be sure that you follow each and every step and not omit any step. This is to keep your phone safe and un-bricked. Else who wants a shiny brick?

Screens -

Features -
  • Dark JellyBean Theme
  • Jelly Bean Task Manager 
  • Every Icon tuned to Jelly Bean icon
  • ROBOTO font.
  • New Music Player with DSP equiliser.
  • New Lockscreens
  • OTA updates
  • Re-Arranged Settings Menu
  • New Jelly Bean keyboard, Jelly Bean Clock, Jelly Bean Digital Clock, Jelly Bean Search
  • Sony Bravia Engine
  • Net Speed increased
  • Chrome added

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