Why would you simply need to backup your phone completely? Well if you ask me I will give several reasons for that -
  1. Just for Precaution
  2. Planing to Root the phone
  3. Planing to install a new ROM on it
  4. Formatting phone
  5. Trying to Tweak the device by Mods
  6. Overclocking the device

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    Well these were just some of the reasons which are common, you might also encounter a different kind of problem here.
    To make a complete backup of phone is easy. Although it might take time. But if we care about our data then spending about 20 minutes is the best we can do.
    Backing up data can be done with various techniques. Here are some of the those apps which will help you.

    Complete Backup

    1. My Backup

    Free / Pro Versions

    The best app right now which provides backing up of each and every thing is My Backup. It allows the user to Backup almost anything on his/her phone. The App comes in a Free (i.e. Trial) and Pro version. Although the Free version satisfies most of the needs, the Pro version includes the feature where you can copy the data from one phone to other. This feature is also called Data Migration. If you need to use this feature then buy the Pro version. However I wont insist you on buying it as the price isn't reasonable.

    Download Here

    SMS and Contacts

    1. Super Backup : SMS and Contacts 

    Free / Pro Versions

    Super Backup is simple and easy to use. Does the almost without asking many things. One of the nice features it has, is that along with SMS, Contacts it also Back-ups Call logs, Bookmarks and Calendar entries. Pro version doesn't have anything significant as to spend Rs. 100 on (2$). It simply removes the ads of the free version, which we can tolerate. The App stores the backup files to SD card or Gmail.

    Download Here

    2. SMS Backup & Restore

    Free / Pro Versions

    A basic App which satisfies everything which is stated. One nice thing about this App is that it saves the backup in XML format. Making the backup small in size. You can also email the backup to your email to save it online as a reliable place.

    3. Call Logs Backup and Restore


    Created by the same Developer who made 'SMS Backup and Restore'. App is ad supported and does the simple job of creating the backup of Call Logs and Restore.

    Download Here


    1. Titanium Backup

    Free / Pro Versions

    You might have come across this App many times during your Android journey. Funny thing about this app is that one of its Positive points is actually a negative point for some users.What it actually does is that it saves the settings of each App. It doesn't actually give us a package with the App itself which we can install with. Some think that this saves a lot of disk space. Although some say that its quite time-consuming.

    2. APKoptic


    The App is clear and loud when it comes to backing-up the Apps. It simply creates a .apk file from the App installed.

    Download Here

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