Galaxy Y Duos is one of sequel phones released by Samsung in accordance to Galaxy Y. It is a Dual SIM phone and practically an ideal choice when getting a starting-class Dual SIM Android. 

However due to its low resources it is made impossible for it to run HD Games. But as it is, if there is a will, there is a way. 
You can run HD games. But only after a little procedure. Thanks to the application named Chainfire3D. Its unique feature which allows you to change your Graphic User Agent is remarkable. It also allows to reduce some aspects of the Games to make them work on your phone faster than before. Moreover the free version of the app has almost all the features you need for running HD Games on your Galaxy Y Duos . 

Even the Pro version is affordable, Rs. 207 (4.00$). The procedure to make this work is carefully given by me in the following tutorial - 

Watch this Video -

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  2. Download and install TechnoDuo ROM on your phone.This particular Step is the most Important Step. No Game will work if you don't install this ROM on your device. Please Download This Rom From Here
  3. Root your Galaxy Y Duos. Click Here for the tutorial on Rooting Galaxy Y Duos.
  4. Download and install Chainfire3D from Google Play. Click Here to for Chainfire3D download link.
    (The free version of Chainfire3D can do all the work, but if you want to support the developer then get the Pro version)
  5. Now install the CF3D driver on your phone.
  6. (PLUGIN LINK FIXED) Download these Chainfire3D plugins from here or from here. Now unzip them to find 3 files named - libGLEMU_NVIDIA, libGLEMU_QUALCOMM, and libGLEMU_POWERVR. Copy these 3 files on your phone.
  7. Install these plugins by -- Opening Chainfire3D --> Select Install Plugins --> Now the App will search for the plugins itself and show them on the screen. Now install them one by one.


  1. i hav done everything as u say but wen its going to search for plugins in chainfire its showing no files found i hav already copied the plugins u hav gaven the link of but the same problem NO FILES FOUND wat to do ?????

    1. extract - and find three files in it - libGLEMU_NVIDIA, libGLEMU_QUALCOMM, and libGLEMU_POWERVR now dont extract these, just put them as they are inside the sd card

  2. hey chainfire is not recognizing plugins

  3. Well, great tutorial but galaxy y duos screen is quite small and there is some lagging with gaming.

    1. thats something samsung should have decided before inserting Broadcam Videocore IV instead of some great GPU like Adreno 200

  4. Apps/Games Force closes when i open them :(

    anyone pls help!!

  5. when i open the apps it vibrates and then it Force closes. Why is it like that?? Pls Help i really like to play hd games and i like the rom so plsssss...

  6. Chainfire3D plugins links are corrupted

  7. Thats some thing samsung have to have determined before inserting Broadcam Videocore IV as opposed to a few outstanding GPU like Adreno two hundred. Dissertation Point


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