Blogger and Wordpress as you know are the most widely used CMSs for blogging. There have been a lot of controversies on deciding which is better. I personally found this topic quite interesting. I thought about how each platform differs in providing assistance to the user. Here is my opinion about their features. This will be a comparison between the two and not a calculation of positive things.

Setting Up the Blog

Setting-up a blog at blogger is easy then making a coffee. Right after you make an account, you are directed to the page where you can make a new blog. You are just asked to name your blog, give it a link and a template. That's it, you're done and can start posting.
Wordpress Setup is similar to that of Blogger. That's only if you wish to install it on the Wordpress hosting. But if you plan to use Package they made to install on other hosting i.e. from then beware. Using that is as good as going through an Obstacle Race. You have to first upload all the files to host (Nowadays there is provision of Auto-installer, thanks a lot to the one who made it). Then you need to change the values in 'wp-config.php' so as to establish the blog. Which is kind of irritating and gets on your nerve (It did to me). Later you can post in patience.


Posting in Blogger is easy and simple. A big and ample space for writing the post and a border full of text options. While in Wordpress you get a page full of options and small space to write. It can be said sophisticated but a compact way of posting.
What can be said here is that people posting on blogger can post quickly whereas Wordpress bloggers post it with a lot of editing making it a delight for the Readers.


Blogger being made by Google has almost all the option one needs to establish a perfect blog but however it fails miserably when it comes to Content Managing. Blogger simply has no system for this. You cannot access your core files. You can just edit the basic HTML file. You cannot create new folders for your blog. Nor can you access your hosted images and videos on the site. Your uploaded images are uploaded to Picasa where you are given 1 GB image hosting.
Wordpress can be real treat for users. It gives us Content Managing even on a free blog. Now that's what we call love. Moreover it feels so nice that Apart from blogging, it can be used for almost anything. Let's say a Business blog or a Service Info. Could be anything. You can do all that on a Wordpress blog.


Now here's a very interesting thing. Blogger has few pre-added SEO options. But Wordpress needs you to download them. Blogger has the options kept so easy that even my Grandma could fill those up! Wordpress has plugins for this and doesn't ask you while posting. You need to do it manually. But Wordpress can create a powerful SEO compared to Blogger. However for doing this a set of skills are required. Wordpress has an option where you can edit the layout of the permalinks making them easier to the eye. Blogger included this option a while ago but still it isn't as good as the one Wordpress has. Creating sitemaps is easier in blogger.


Blogging on Blogger is very cheap compared to Wordpress. Here you are getting a free sub-domain i.e. '' with all the features of blogger. Moreover if you wish to take a new domain, you are given the option to buy it through blogger itself and use it as you want. That too at only 10$. Even if you have bought the domain from somewhere else then its alright as Blogger allows that too. Wordpress too has the option for a subdomain. But if you wish to have a personal domain there then it asks you to pay 18$. And you have to more for other services like CSS editing and hosting. If you go for the Wordpress package for personal hosting then you end up paying more then 5$ per month. Now that's not exactly what a new blogger would do right?


I wont be able to determine which is a better blogging interface. But here are some things which I could certainly say.

Who should use blogger ?
1. Newbies who have just started their blogger journey

2. Hobbyists and Enthusiasts who want to share their words with the public

3. Photographers

Who should use Wordpress ?
1. A Pro Blogger - One who is a SEO expert, writes wonderful articles and writes only what the public wants to read.

2. A Team of professionals, like in a Cooking Blog, there should be at least 2 Cooks, 1 Dietician, 1 Doctor, 1 Food Store Owner (optional), 1 Webmaster.

3. A Service Provider E.g. - A person providing cheap SEO for websites, or A Person providing Address cards.

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