Each and every thing has a secret of its own. Same comes in Technology. I've been using technology for a lot of time. Lets say that I fell out of my cradle and fell on the computer. So along this journey, I have found things that felt a little weird to me.

1. Nokia's Hate towards Android

Nokia as we all know, was the king of the Phones a  while ago. I could see people with Nokia all over. There were a very few people with phones from other brands. Personally even I had a thing for these phones. They were surely the fastest, comfortable and affordable phones at that time. S40 and S60 was literally the only OS supporting features which others didn't. Later when the concept of smartphones emerged in, Nokia was a kind of shaken. Yes I can say that. Gradually the Market shifted form Nokia being to the top to Samsung being the top. Samsung Produced some great Android phones, ones which were willing to give more than any Nokia phone could give. Still had their price under a reasonable tag. People were simply attracted to that.
Now my greatest question is, Why in God's name didn't Nokia buy Android for their devices?
If Nokia comes out with an Android, I'll probably the first one to buy it. These devices would be better, faster and all-in-all something tougher and smarter than other Droids.

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2. Apple Maps
Image Credits - www.itsagadget.com

Each and every software program is made following different steps. First it goes through different programming and designing phases. But once its done, it is taken out for testing. Even a small scale Software developer see's that he has tested the software before its in the market. So what happened to Apple. Did they forget to test this software? Because it clearly looks like they did. This is one major software for people using their device itself as Navigation systems in their Cars. What went wrong here?

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3. Asian companies naming schemes

Let us consider some products from Apple - iPad, iPod, MacBook, all of these have names which can actually be spelled out by us. Also like these, there's R.I.M. which names its BlackBerry devices like The Storm, The Torch, The Curve. But almost all the Asian companies name their devices in a very different way. Which is first of all difficult to read, or lets say impossible to read. Consider a Camera from Sony -DSC5000 or of cell phone from Samsung - GT - 5360. Why cant they simply name them something nice.

4. Google scientists create 'Computer Brain'

Google as we know is constantly thinking of doing something or the other again and again. Some scientists at Google formed a huge network of 16,000 computers which had the abilities to learn things on its own. Now this computer network was given the privilege to enter the world of internet and explore the net worldwide to learn new things. Now what did the computer do with such a power vested in it? It went on YouTube and saw some cat videos. Funny, isn't it? This is however a great achievement as considered by the Scientists themselves. Because recognizing a Cat is pretty intelligent. Moreover this project may facilitate the upcoming voice recognition systems, vision technology and language translation

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5. Aliens on Google Maps

I was rather shocked to see these pictures on Google maps. These things usually are removed by Google but looks like they forgot it this time. There are lot of these around the globe, but here is one such example which is still alive.

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