Overclocking a phone means unleashing the beast inside it. I am proud owner of the phone Galaxy Ace Plus and to me the experience has been wonderful till now. I can play HD games and Movies without no problem, however at times the phone tends to go slow when the movies are 1080p. Also the phone slows for no reason at times when playing Games with intense graphics like Gangstar 3 : Rio and GTA 3.

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I found these very useful thread while was going through the internet (I have no work nowadays then simply surfing random pages). It shows how you can utilize the entire power of Galaxy Ace Plus making it more fast in aspects of Graphics and Performance.

Tests on Galaxy Ace Plus before and after Overclocking -

Before continuing, please make sure that you are a developer or an experienced Technology Personnel. Because this entire procedure requires you to be skilled. If by chance anything goes wrong then it will be difficult for you to overcome the fault. If you aren't able to do this please take it to a person who can handle these things. If something happens to the device then it is you who is responsible for it, nor Sanved's Tech Blog or the devs of the kernels are responsible.

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There are 2 Kernels who can OC our device for us.

Pro's -
  • Overclocked to 1.3 GHz
  • ZRam support
  • BLN Support 
  • Support for Init.d
  • Custom Logo on Boot
  • Need CWM
  • Only 2 Governors

Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Pros -
Overclocked to 1.2 GHz
Lowest frequency at 122 MHz

Cons -
Unstable at times
Glitch with Music Player and lockscreen


Mirror 1
Mirror 2


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