Two new ads of new Micromax phones launched a little while ago. Frankly speaking these ads were more of a comedy spoof to me. They basically were indicating how their new phones were better than one of the most successful Samsung Galaxy phone, Galaxy Y. Now what exactly was done in these ads is as follows. It was shown that –

1.       Galaxy Y has a smaller screen
2.       It has a slower processor
3.       Poor multitasking
4.       Costly

All of these points humoured me radically. First of all, if they wanted to advertise their phones, they could have done that in a better way, like for example they could have given better features to every one of their phone and kept the price reasonable. Now along with that, the phones could have been made more durable (Micromax phones which I have tested retired after a 6 month use). Now this would have interested the people in buying their phones instead of any other.
However Micromax chose the other way round while advertising. Instead of making their phone better, they tried to make the others look bad in front theirs. This was to bring more audience from Galaxy series to Micromax.
According to me this was completely useless, because people using Galaxy Smartphones are quiet aware of the Android UI and know that whatever Micromax has made, is surely not as satisfying as the Samsung ones.
Now moving to the phones,
Galaxy Y even though a low-end budget Android, had got its market at a huge place for a while. It has a 3.2 in. QVGA screen with a dpi of 135. But along with this it also had a wonderful battery of 1200 mAH which for me was very good when I use to use this particular phone a while ago. It was also given an accelerometer and gyro sensor and to top it all a compass.
Looking forward to Micromax Ninja 3.5, I would like to say that it is a just a show of specs which people usually tend to see. It has a bigger screen of 3.5 inches with an HVGA resolution, has dual SIM support but when it comes to the most important factor, the battery, the phone scores miserably low. The battery is comparatively very insufficient for Gaming and WiFi and functions which end-up consuming a lot amount of battery. Also the thing doesn’t have a compass nor a gyro sensor, now what can one simply do without these both. What’s the use of the GPS when you don’t have the Compass?

It’s not the first time that Micromax has tried to gain more audience from other brands. Previously right after the time iPhone 4S was released, the company manufactured another Android phone Micromax A75 which they advertised like this –

After this they also made an advertisement with the same theme used in iPhone 4S ad, i.e. a man talking in the background with the phone displaying its features. They even stole the tagline of iPhone4S. The original was – “So if you don’t have an iPhone…..(Silence showing that you cannot do anyhting)” which was then changed by Micromax to “So if you don’t have an *ahem ahem*… don't panic, get all this in micromax A75”. This explains that Micromax tried to show people that if they can’t afford the iPhone4S they can afford their phone.

This for me was funny at the beginning but later I understood how carefully had Micromax selected their targets. First they tried to compete with the iOS giant iPhone4S as they understood how greatly worshipped it is by the people. Later they did the same with another giant in Galaxy smartphone series, i.e. Galaxy Y.

Now this entire enigma of theirs makes me wonder why do they have to do things like this? One could simply increase the market by introducing some really good devices. Micromax did surprise me by their Superfone which had a Tegra chip inside it. Devices like that would interest me in a Micromax Android. Unless and until it is giving something different from what we are getting from some other brand, it will be in good shape. Otherwise, It will still suffer from a small market.


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