Facebook Search Graph

Yesterday At Facebook New event at it's new HQ , Facebook's founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook's new service called Facebook Search Graph.
Unlike the other search engine's like Google,Yahoo etc. Search Graph is a Whole new concept and a brilliant idea.

What is Search Graph?

Unlike other search engines available on the market today, Graph Search does not index the web: according to Facebook, it quite simply does not need to, since the Open Graph platform already has access to “Almost a million new people every day. 240 billion photos. 1 billion people. 1 trillion connections.” Instead of using a traditional search engine to look for a specific item, Graph Search makes it easy to search through your friend’s interests, in order to deliver search results that might be closer to what you’re looking for. - Via Redmondpie.
Facebook Search Graph
Now for a example you want to go for cycling , You can Search for: "People who like cycling and who are from my hometown "
The Graph Search will automatically search for People live near you and who have added cycling in their interests
This Screenshot Shows The result:
Facebook Search Graph

So Now you can connect with these people and call them for cycling , Similarly you can search for anything with anyone!

How to Join Facebook Graph Search?

You will have to wait a bit and wait in the Waiting list as it is still in beta and has been rolled out to few English(US) users
To Join the waiting list Click Here
Go the above link and Scroll down till you see the below Screenshot:
Facebook Search Graph

Hit The Join Waiting List Button
And Afterwards you will see the below screenshot :
Facebook Search Graph

If you have any queries , questions,suggestions , Please feel free to let us know !
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  1. I am using FB Graph Search !
    You can see some screenshots here http://bit.ly/FBgraphSRCHint


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