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Destination Cloud says the publicity, but despite all the money invested in this type of advertising campaign most people do not know what it really means cloud computing - or cloud computing. Indeed, a recent survey published in early November by INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control), shows that 36% of respondents do not know the Cloud, another 20 percent do not feel concerned by this technology, 23% do not know whether the Cloud is an important technical advance, and 7% among users indicates that if the cloud has changed their practices they could still go without. Only 2% ensure that the Cloud has become indispensable to their digital uses. Cloud actually is more fog than the figures show. A lack of clarity surprising because, as M. Jourdain spoke prose without knowing it, many of us use cloud services without being fully aware.

In fact, when we publish information on social media sites, it's cloud computing. When we store information, such as music, photos, e-mails and documents on the Internet, is the Cloud Computing. We see cloud computing is ultimately a relatively simple concept. Very simply, whenever we use the Web to store information, not our personal computer or a server, we can consider that we are "in the cloud." Here are some examples of cloud computing that we can exert regularly:

·         Using a provider Internet e-mail as webmail, Hotmail, Gmail

·         Access to files and software working via a web portal

·          Twitpics use to share photos on Twitter, or upload a video to Facebook

·          Uploading your music on a service like iTunes

·          cooperating with colleagues using Google Docs at your work station

·          Web mail access from a mobile device, such as a tablet or a phone

·          Upload your personal data along images at social network

·          Storing your confidential files online with a service like Dropbox

Cloud Computing is extremely convenient with in that it allows us to access our data and services at any time and from any computer, tablet or Smartphone, even if we do not have your camera with us. For businesses, data storage in the cloud from a supplier is more economical than team of computer and embedded servers. Moreover, in this area, as estimated by the Office of Pierre Audoin Consultants, the market for cloud services has grown by 30% in 2011 in France. At the global level, the Forrester announces global business volume of 40 billion dollars.

Is Cloud computing safe?

If you engage in activities based on the cloud, one of your requirements is that the cloud provider guarantees the security and confidentiality of your data. This is especially true for companies that host their data in the virtual space. As we noted earlier, the cloud is nothing more than a multitude of servers in many data centers, so the risks are not negligible. In addition to security information stored on the physical security of the center which are hosted data is crucial in this new universe, caution is required as to minimize the risk, it is probably better to entrust their data to major market players, such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, which are known to develop the capacity of the security infrastructure more efficient.


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