First of all, thanks to Boniface Pereira for his this new project. Blogging has became a new trend nowadays. However its not one of those activities which can be handled without any finance. Also building an entire website or blog is not an easy task. You need to be quite a geek in computers and have a little patience while doing so.
Also other important things would be a domain (Click here for a 1$ domain) and a hosting plan. Domain usually doesn't come for free. So did hosting, but here is one service, which provides hosting for free.
Another interesting thing is that the owner and the Webmaster of this site is my friend and he promises that this service will be there for a long time without any interruption. He also states that if needed he will also increase hosting size if one wants more space.

Here are some features of the site -

The hosting service is perfect for a small website. It can satisfy each and everything needed for it. Although if you are planning to shift your existing hosting to this one then make sure that you don't have hits above 2,00,000 per month. As this a new host the up-time might be fragile factor. Leaving this the service is excellent and yields no problems. I myself have used it for my new Project.

Click Here to register with the site - Xchost - SignUp


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