Blogging, first considered as something only professionals would do is now a past time for many thinkers, enthusiasts and free lancers. But taking time in mind, blogging can take lot of hours from you. So it is a common practice of monetizing from it just to make sure that you pay for the time you are using.
This monetizing has led to many sites which offer publishers the chance to earn while spreading their word. Most famous site of such origin is Google Adsense. Now as usual, Google is first in this competition of monetizing sites. But nevertheless there are a few others too which offer ads at good rates.

Edomz is one such site which I recently found out. It is simple and elegant. Easy to install and east to use. I personally found this website very helpful. It paid me more than anyone else. Moreover it gives real time results. What I also liked was that my site is getting about 500 visitors daily, but even with such a hit rate, it pays me about 0.03 to 0.04 $ daily. Now imagine the earnings when the hit rate is about 10,000. It really would be a pleasure having such a high paying ad site.

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Edomz Ads' are based on Pop-ups and Pop-Unders. And the best feature they offer is that the Pop-Ups don't just work when the pop-up blocker is un-blocked but also when anyone clicks inside your site. Now that would simply double the payment, wouldn't it?

Here are some statistics on the publisher's report -

I recommend you installing this if you have a downloads providing site, as this would simply increase clicking rate and give you an advantage there. Moreover you can ask your visitors to enable the pop-up blocker in order to support you.

Who I wont ask to use this website would be the website owners who provide any kind of service. As having such ads will decrease the professional look of the website.

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  1. Based on the report image, I think you are getting at least 52 visitors a day and with that 52 visitors you get almost 500 page views, not 500 visitors. Yeah, Edomz is a nice ad network.

  2. :)

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