Indian carriers have always disappointed us when it comes to Mobile Internet. Now looking at other countries Mobile Networks, ours is quite a slow one, or we can rather say an unhealthy one. I have been really trying to find the carrier which gives you excellent signal strength, cheaper data plans and most importantly, high speed internet. This combination is nowhere to be found.

But what I did found was a glitch in the Tata Docomo Internet Settings. I found out that a simple editing makes the phone access 3G internet on 2G pack. This discovery by me works (Tested in Maharashtra Circle). I personally tried this on 3 different Docomo SIMs.

Here's how it works -

1.  Open the settings of your phone to the point where you can edit the Access Points.
2.  Now we need to change the value of Access Point Name, i.e. the APN.
3.  At first it will be 'TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET'
4.  Now change it to 'TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC'
5.  Restart the phone for applying the effects.

Now enjoy 3G data on 2G packs without any problem.

*UPDATE* - The trick doesn't seem to work now, please be tuned to this site till I find a new trick.


  1. bro this is not working for me can you plz make a video tutorial or add a perfect pic of the changed settings plz ...


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