iPad Mini Launched - Pricing for India and Availability in India
Screenshot of Apple India's website

The Most Awaited Apple Product After iPhone is iPad and Apple has Launched the smaller version of iPad called the iPad Mini for 329$ , Apple has also introduced the iPad 4 , According to Redmondpie.com Apple is going to replace iPad 3 with iPad 4 for all those users who have bought it a Month ago .
So here's what we got about the iPad mini in India

iPad Mini in India

Apple has first time put it's brand new product on it's Indian website For Example when the iPhone 5 or iPad 3 was launched the Apple Indian website was still showing only iPhone 4s and iPad 3 , but now when iPad mini has been launched , Apple's indian website: Apple.com/in showing iPad mini and iPhone 5 coming soon !
iPad mini Wifi-16gb version is for 329$ that means it comes 17000 Rs price tag but sadly iPad come from california so there will be custom taxes and many more regional taxes so it may come for around 19000 INR 
which is quite costly when Indian market is filled with budget  Android tablet's starting from 2500 INR 
You can Get All the information about iPad mini form here

Some Budget Android Tablet You May Like:

1.) Akash Tablet ( Ubislate Tablet)

With So much happiness Kapil Sibal launched the Akash tablet for around 2500 INR for students , it's shipping never started even if you may pre-booked it on their website,but sources say the have started shipping
Pros : Very Cheap , Android , For Student's
Con's : Poor Specifications , Only Wifi ( No Cellular Data) , Very Poor camera , Late shipping , Indian Made
To Buy It online Click Here

2.) Micromax FunBook
Micromax FunBook

Now this is the best tablet for students and professional who have a budget of 6000-7000 INR , it is filled with educational data from CBSE board to IIT exam prepartaion it's nice for students
Pros: Good price,Education information, Android 4.0, Front camera for Skype , Available Everywhere( Mobile phone shops to Online Stores)
Con's : We really couldn't find !
Click Here to buy it OnlineGreat Offer Only For 6500RS)

3.) HCL Me Tab U1
HCL me Tab U1

This is a pretty good tab from Indian Computer Maker HCL , it is priced for 7500INR but you can get it for 7000 INR if you have really good bargaining skill's ! :P
Pro's : 1 GHz Arm Cortex A8 processor and 512 MB RAM, You can use 3G dongle 
Con's: No Support to Google Play Store , It has it's own HCL Me store which has very few Apps
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  1. latest in series of Akash tablet or Ubislate is Ubislate 7ci and 7C+

    I own a Ubislate 7cI and it has a good spec. but lacks in camera

    It has its own patented acceleration technology.

    cost- 4000 rupees


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