Robots are practically each and every machine which helps us do our work in a better and faster way that too accurately. In the famous movie ‘3 idiots’ it was shown that Amir Khan explains that each and every thing which makes your work easier is called a machine. Same way a machine can also be called a robot.

Andro-Humanoid Robot
You might have seen the famous movies of ‘Terminator’ and ‘I Robot’. There are also a few more. One thing all these have in common is a robot which is similar to a human, has features that a human generally poses. They have a pair of eyes, a mouth, 4 limbs, etc. Such a robot is called an Andro-Humanoid.

What can these do?
Saying in a literal way, ‘a lot of things’. In a way they can easily compete with your servant and come out with flying colours. They can wash clothes, they can do the laundry and even food can be cooked by them. Being installed with a lot of memory, they can remember a lot of a TV series, your favorite songs, and a whole phone directory. With a stable internet connection, they can simply update all the data they currently can. Wouldn’t it be great if you can get any phone no. you want without hunting it in the whole directory?  Also with a powerful processor they can multitask and do things like playing football, cooking a few dishes at a time. Doing a lot of calculations would also be possible with a powerful processor. Basically it will be another human but with special qualities.

So are you saying that a robot is better than a human?
No. Not at all. Robots may be having abilities that a human doesn’t have. But the main capabilities of thinking, friendship, love, commitment, reproduction aren’t there with robots. Now here’s the shocking truth about Human brain, it is way too faster than the robot brain. This might take a little time to digest, but trust me, human brain can do things a robot never can. Giving one very dense example is that the robot itself is a creation by a human. Ultimately it makes the human brain more powerful in front of a robot brain.

What is the future of robots?
Here are some possibilities that I think might take place with the robots in the mere future.

1.       Robots will replace the phones and smart-phones
A smart-phone can be called a robot. It does what you ask. It helps you communicate with people who are away from you. Makes most of your things easier. With the help of the latest Mobile Operating Systems like Android and iOS, it is very helpful to run applications which are more user-friendly and give a very important purpose. Although it isn’t be large scale, whatever it is able to do will be small scale, i.e. using the limited hardware like the screen, the camera and the sensors. Moreover it isn’t able to do any locomotion. Also it isn’t able to any muscular work. Robots will be able to do all the things a Smartphone can but on a large scale. It will also do your work. All the business oriented people will get a share market notification every time the desired market rises or decreases. The computer engineers will get their program compiled by the robot itself. Mechanical engineers will get all the dimensions of their product within seconds. Also the robot will help them lift or do any muscular work. Same way every person will find a good amount of help in his/her occupation from the robots. 
Romo a Robot which works with a smartphone

2.      Paramedics with help of Robots
In this modern era, the number of accidents and mishaps is increasing day by day. Moreover the doctors and interns are finding it very difficult to heal the people with limited resources. Imagine a train wreck where people are trapped inside the debris and are in need to be removed. Now at a situation like this, Robots will immediately respond and try their best to remove each and every body possible. This way it would be so helpful for the doctors to go and operate on the patients. What else can be done would be teaching some robots the basic healing methods of bandaging, applying medicine, giving morphine, etc. A help like this would be very useful at such times.

Terminator shown as a Medic
3.       Robots in the Military
Well, I am a peace loving person. But still I somewhat feel that Robots getting in the Military might happen. A robot would get in an army or military because of a few aspects. First of all, a robot is a non-living thing. So if anything happens to it, no-one would generally care. Moreover the cost of making one is surely low then loosing another soldier. A robot also poses a sort of accuracy. They will aim better, run better. And to top it all, they would also be able to detect things like bombs, mines, enemy bunkers, etc. with the help of some suitable sensors. With such a great accuracy they can be given better weapons or even weapons which are integrated inside them. So, what will happen is that, there will be no human loss.

A Futuristic Robot-soldier
A still from the game Crysis 2 where a computerized suit is been wore by a person

      4.       Robots as drivers in transport
 As I mentioned earlier that robots can be included as medics in situations like car and train accidents, well wouldn't it be a real treat to avoid these instead? A robot is able to handle tasks well. A systematic programmed robot would simply drive without and other thing going on in its brain. This way they could drive with minimum mistakes as possible or even better, no mistakes and possibly create a safer environment. However this would be quiet expensive to do the maintenance of both the car and the robot. 

A Cartoon of a Robot driving a car
The predictions given above can happen. I don't see when, but I can surely assure that it will happen gradually taking small steps towards the huge leap. This would help the entire human race. Moreover the robots will endure all the work rather then putting them on the humans. But this shouldn't lead to something serious. Like there shouldn't be a situation where the robots are completing all the work themselves and leaving the humans with nothing but a lot of time which they are likely to spend wasting on leisure. Also they should be like servants. They should accept what we tell them and not try to rule over us. That would be a nightmare if they try to harm us! 
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