Lately, the Dropbox fiasco (regarding Mitt Romney) has once again reinforced the significance of data security. Only creating good passwords does not ensure that hackers won’t be able to penetrate through it. Surprisingly enough on a few instances one could be directly handing it over to hackers, not requiring much effort on their part.

Don’t use the same password twice

Mitt Romney’s case of sensitive information is quintessential here as it was vulnerable to threats for the reason that of using same passwords for both Hotmail and Dropbox accounts. Security details for hotmail entail safest coding making it impervious for hackers, however several sites making you signup are much easier to get through. This gets problematic as its difficult avoiding sign up forms; more so is having distinct passwords and getting to memorize them. However, in order to avert situations causing a hassle it makes sense having a primary password with variations for other accounts. For websites requiring higher security measures you can try looping the password. 

Resident evil

Finding a security disabled Wi-Fi network is not always much of an advantage. One connects to it wanting free internet, unconscious of the possibility of a concealed resident evil. Unsecure network can be accompanied by spyware that are capable of recording web activities. A great deal of sensitive data is readily given away on such a network in a few seconds, even if passwords are not revealed. There is software to the likes of Wire shark and Fire sheep customized for monitoring the people logging in to open networks. Therefore, having a good firewall and anti-virus is just not enough as the possibility exists that one might handover data to a hacker not knowing about it. If you leave yourself open to vulnerabilities you have no one to blame but yourself for whatever problems ensue. In the event that you log on to a seemingly open network thinking you'll be able to enjoy the entire free internet in the world you're wrong. There are no free lunches in this world... that's a fact!

Watch where you are logging

What is a keystroke logger? It is a malware capable of recording each key stroke that user hits, naturally encompassing user’s private information including password. Therefore,   there’s always a possibility for one to get stuck to slimy monitoring software while using another PC. As it follows, there is a greater risk using public machines and signing in or entering sensitive information can be dangerous. Astonishingly a greater number of companies use monitoring software and employees found using social media while they should be working end up in peril. In order to avoid the same problem as Romney you should be really cautious using PCs that are not yours.

It is imperative to keep hackers away while creating stronger passwords are just the beginning. You should know the consequences of your online activities so that you can stay away from problems.

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