Ever wonder how much time does your phone take to charge ? Want to know it and make some important charging schedules. Well Android phone does have this helpful app which will make you clear about these things and thus help you with your work.

The app's name is Charger Timer. I myself have tried it and found it very helpful. I have rescheduled my charging time so that I would be able to save energy and thus save time too while charging my phone.

What will this App exactly do ?

The app will help by telling you the exact time which was needed to charge. Thus making you aware of your battery charging time. Which will will then help you with scheduling your charging time. And if you have two or more chargers then you can try this with all of them and see which one is better, i.e. the one which charges the fastest.

The App gives so much, it must be costly, isn't it?

 Costly ? My friends, its completely for free. With such an app for free you can straight away download without any problem.

Here are some screenshots of the app which explain in a better way.

Download it here - Charger Timer on Google Play


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  2. Thanks for taking time to post this! It is great!


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