Hackers vow hellfire in latest major data leak

Information displacement is one of the biggest problems seen this year. Hackers have had access to unimaginable data and have then used that information as a little game, publishing private information on public portals and causing havoc to those victims.
Recently a group of hackers entered the private databases of banks, government agencies, consultant firms and took data from them to then release it on the internet in front of the whole virtual world. Team GhostShell, the new hacking group has caused extreme problems to these organizations creating further direness by stating that they would give out more data in the near future.
What actually happened?
The team is actually protesting and has found the internet as a way of showing their real feelings and also protesting. According to GhostShell’s own post titles as “Project Hellfire” stated that the team chose this method as a final protest against banks, politicians and all hackers fallen this year but apart from this they also stated that with the help of its sub-divisions, MidasBank and newest branch, Ophius Lab one million records were leaked. The team also stated that they have planned two more havoc creating projects this year and will be initiated in fall and winter, saying that this leak was only the beginning and much more has to follow.
According to the Director of security and strategy at Imperva, Rob Rachwald says that it’s not clear how much data has been stolen but the security breach was quite serious and dire measures have to be taken to make sure nothing this serious happens again.
What did “GhostShell” do?
Whoever took the information customarily used SQL injection attacks, common attacks that are relaxed for Web-sites to guard alongside them. The data comprises of administrator login information, usernames and passwords and files from content management systems, even though it didn't seem to have ample profound information in those records. There was Rachwald further said that particular susceptibility with a content management system was used to be able to feat across various locations and download file upon file upon file.
Team GhostShell also presented to "anybody who's up for the test" approximately six billion databases from a Chinese mainframe that it titles controlled technology from China, Japan and perchance additional countries and not just that but more than 100 billion databases from a mainframe at an unidentified U.S. stock exchange mainframe and admission points to three or four Department of Homeland Security servers. "The sensitive information isn't that great but it may be good for street cred," the post says. Sensitive information can easily be obtained through cell phone spyware and pc monitoring software.
Problems with internet security
With thousands of online links to keeping secure passwords and general talks about the seriousness of keeping passwords that are difficult to penetrate into, it is quite amusing to know that many giant corporations have still not taken imminent measures to secure their databases. According to GhostShell, the leak was made much easier considering the passwords that were kept were amusingly easy.
The basic problem that was noticed was the “123456” password problem which was found as serious locking keys in these corporations. Apart from that there was only one password that contained strategic thought. The root password was keep as law321 so if your password was New York, it would have been turned into nylaw321. Although initially the hackers did get a little confused about this but then once they got the glitch of it they penetrated into the databases with ease like that of spy applications such as IPhone tracker and Android spy software.
If you want to be safe against future hacks then try to keep a strong password, it’s for your benefit.

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