Blogging on a sub-domain always creates a problem when it comes to SEO. A custom domain receives more anticipation more than the sub-domains.
I faced the same problem back while I was blogging on a sub-domain. I finally got it that people tend to refer articles on a custom domain rather than on a sub-domain. So the site where I used to post previously was used to be and after the domain transfer, I found it amusing how the web impressions increased.
But it might be the case that you are a casual blogger and instead of buying a domain you need a domain for free. This might solve your SEO problems and moreover try to bring more traffic to your blog.

Get a free .ASIA Domain from here

How is this domain better than the sub-domain ?
  1. Provides better SEO
  2. Attracts more traffic
  3. Easy-to-tell website address
  4. Prestige to have
  5. For Free
So the moral of the story here is that you can get a free .asia domain which will help you in numerable ways.
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Update - The price has now been increased to 1$. Still its a worth getting domain.


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