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Apple's Victory over Samsung in the patent infringement case affirms the company's claim that some of Android features violate Apple's patent .

Whats the big fight Actually?
=>Apple has alleged that Samsung aped its product design (including actual hardware like touch screen),software features (like icons and unlock screen)

Winner : Apple  
=> The Company will be confident asking licensing fee from android phone manufacturers; which will help it boost profits. If Samsung phones are banned, Apple can expect higher Sales.

Repo Gone!
=>Samsung's reputation will take a hit globally as the company has been branded cheat by the trial verdict.
It is clear that South Korean Company will have to hold off new launches.

Are they Partners?
=> Samsung supplies iPad and iPhone flash memory, main memory and iPhone's application processor. Whatever the outcome of patent flap , business will remain business.

Samsung takes a hit
=>Samsung will have to reinvent some of the features that will ensure consistent user experience on its Galaxy range. This will gibe Samsung an opportunity to invent something new.

Who's the judge?
=>Harvard Law-educated US District Judge Lucy Koh, a former patent attorney, federal prosecutor and California judge. US president Barack Obama appointed her.


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  1. Really nice post , cleared all my bouts thanks ! Apple rocks


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