Read Long Articles Very Fast

Are You Bored Reading Long Articles and spending your time in it , But Now you should forget it because while searching & browsing I found a website which summarizes your post or news in desires characters - 140 , 250 or 500 .
Even you are lazy To read long articles you may make it short and read it in seconds and benefit via it !
Twitter lovers also can shorten there tweets here as Twitter allows max. 140 characters .

How to Summarize Long Articles :

1.) Go to the website Click here
2.) Enter the Text/Article
3.) Hit Summarize now

Some Features we Liked :

1.) You Can Choose in how much characters do you want to compress it in.
2.) Easy to use
3.) Share Your summarized article on Facebook
4.) Tweet Your Summarized Article on Twitter

So Share or Boomark this Post and Let Your Friends Know About this Website !
Keep Visiting :) !
Reviewed by Neel shah on Aug 12 2012
Rating: 4


  1. First one to comment , thankyou for website did u create it ?


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