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Online shopping in India has become a new trend between youths and teenagers. Shopping online explains their enthusiasm in the web. Many websites have been recently launched and are been used by many. I myself have tried many websites just in order to find the one offering the most pleasant and satisfying service. Here I am reviewing my experience with the website

How did I get to know about had broadcasted a set of advertising commercials on TV. I saw most of them and got a basic idea on what the site is up to. Later when I joined a Gym, I was asked to get a pair of track pants and sport shoes which weren't used outside. So I thought of getting them there. Finally I selected what I wanted and made my first purchase on Myntra.

Overview of the site is an Indian online shopping retailer focused on fashion, style and casual lifestyle products. The website is headquartered in Bangalore. It was launched by Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania, and Vineet Saxena in February 2007. The website's Alexa rank is 1481.

Products available

myntra men and women

The website offers many products. It provides fashion and lifestyle products of branded companies. It previously used to provide products manufactured by themselves. Those products included t-shirts, key chains, mugs, etc with various slogans printed on them.
The website has a few sections, out of which the men and women section is used on a large scale. These sections are further divided into 3 sub-sections of Footwear, Clothing and Accessories. Again in those sub-sections you can find the type of product you are looking for. Like in Footwear you can find Formal shoes, Sports shoes, socks, etc.
The kids section also exists, however isn't in much action.
All the products are 100% genuine and branded. All the brands are carefully selected looking at their quality and value for money.

Website Interface is a beautiful and charismatic website displaying whatever is needed in a very simple yet elegant way. The looks of the website are sure to catch the attention of the buyers. These charming looks attract more customers.
Everything in the website is carefully placed and categorized. Such arrangement makes it easy for the viewer and makes him navigate through the site easily and find exactly what was needed.
The website has a 256-bit encryption making it very difficult for someone to h@ck* the site. So in case if you are wondering about the website's security, then let me assure that its completely safe.

Products Size accuracy on website

Website offers each and everything in different sizes as to satisfy the need of the users. You can check size for every commodity. Like here we have a jeans from Peter England, it comes in 30, 32, 34, 36. Once you know what size do you need, you can simply get one of that size. But if you fail to understand which size you do need then click on Size Chart (below the size option) to select a perfect size for you.

 Myntra Size System jeans peter england 1k 1000

This system however isn't that promising. As I told you that I wanted to buy a Track Pant for Gym. Well I did so. I wasn't sure of my size so I used the chart and finally found whats best for me. Later when the pants came the Size system turned out to be tragic. I bought the 'M' size of pants, where it said that the length would be 42 inches which was totally perfect for me. But it ended up being just 38 inches which was looking quite funny on me. Also it was my first purchase on Myntra which made my mind say bitter things about the website. I previously did online shopping on Flipkart, which to me was completely flawless. So in comparison to that I found this one disloyal to customers.


myntra payment cash on delivery
Payment Techniques

The website is indeed doing its work excellently but however I opt to dislike the Payment system. Here is the explanation for that. Most of the customers of this site are youths and teenagers. Being one they are not likely to be having access to a Credit Card. Moreover Net Banking can be done only when you have done a particular procedure for using it. So the option which remains is Cash on Delivery. Which in my opinion is one of the best payment option. However it is only available when your total exceeds Rs 500. So If you want to buy a set of slippers of Rs 200. Then you will need either a Credit/Debit Card or Net Banking.

Shipping myntra parcel bag packet logo Parcel Bag Receipt Bill myntra form paper Bill / Receipt
This above is the bill which accompanies the product. Its computer generated and hence doesn't need any signatures. Tag logo myntra cardsheet Tag logo myntra cardsheet

Above here is a logo cum tag of itself which is there in every purchase.

Shipping is done is mostly all cities and towns, however in village and remote areas it will arrive as a post package. Myntra has appointed people who deliver these packages. They are humble and greet after the transaction is over. Shipping is free when the total is above Rs 500 else they charge Rs 30 for it.

Replacement and Cashback

If you have got a defected product, product of small/big size, etc. then you are given the chance to replace it. This is done with a little procedure. First, when you get your product, you are also given a bag similar to the one you got your product in. Along with that you get a form. Now you are supposed to be loging on the website and in your order page you must fill the returns form there and get the return code. Once you get it you can fill the paper form and put it in the return bag along with the Product with all the stickers and pamphlets which came with it. A person comes and takes the returns bag. Your money is then displayed on your account on Myntra.

Here is a Return Form - Returns Form paper return myntra

My Experience with Myntra

I had placed my first order as track pants worth Rs 499. Unfortunately I didn't get them in the suitable size. I did all the necessary things needed to replace the pants. After everything was over, I was credited Rs 499 to my account. Now in order to use them instead of letting them go in waste, I decided to buy a t-shirt. I found one exactly of Rs 499. I then finally decided to take that one. So in the cart, I saw that the total was Rs 0 as the t-shirts Rs 499 was taken from my account. But then when I proceeded to the checkout, I was asked to use a Credit Card. Cash on Delivery was canceled because the total was below Rs 500. I was lucky enough that my father allowed me to use his.
But if I had no access to a Credit Card or Net Banking, I would have been forced to buy something of Rs 500 or above to use my money.

Why should one shop online from this site?

1. Any Products availability - This site provides almost each and every branded product. So If you want any product which isn't there in any of your local market, then getting it online from here will be easy.
2. Easy and effortless - Online shopping deals with you and your computer. You don't need any effort while doing this.
3. Variety - On Myntra you will find many products of the same type. Watching them is free and totally acceptable.

You can try this website for sure and makes yourself comfortable with online shopping. I recommend that you first ensure your size before buying.


  1. can u tell me such a website where i can purchase gadgets and such electronics... (i live in kerala, india)..

    and somewhere i can pay with my payza balance??

    1. Unfortunately not in even one single site offers that. Even Paypal isn't accepted in many countries. But you can redeem your payza balance to your bank within 3 days. It's very easy to do so. You can redeem it to any bank.

  2. I am the same experience with this site Sanved.I have ordered kurtis for me and shirts for my boy friend.

  3. I had a same experience with this site. I am doing shopping with myntra since 2 years and never had any problem till date.

    Ajay Dumasiya


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