Mobile Phones, being one of the basic necessity today are having a diverse effect on the society. I myself have observed people having different devices. I have come to an understanding that, people having same type of phone act in a same way. They have different feelings towards their phone. Also they follow that unknowingly in a way that as if they were born to do these things. Here is an detailed explanation taking in account users from all types of mobile phones.

1. iPhone users

Steve Jobs an intelligent computer geek invented the prestigious iPhone. His this work has made many iPhone users consider him as their god. iOS users think that they are equivalent to rich landlords and consider other mobile phone users as peasants. They have the tendency to solve all their problems using one or the other app from their phone. And right after they do so, they never hesitate to tell about how his/her phone solved their problem. They also try to compete with other iPhone users' app count. They tend to call themselves the cool geeks or things which indicate that iPhone is geeky as well cool and doesn't let you down.

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2. Android users

Android users are one of those who have a kind of love for robots. These are highly 'emotion fragile'. Say one bad thing about android in front of them and see them in action. These guys can often call themselves hackers, even though they just tried to root their phone. They think as if they are operating the world most complex system. Their Android talks to them, is what they tell others. They have apps of only what they need. If they see a n00b person with an Android, they feel bad for the phone and question god why did this happen? They never miss the chance where they can show iPhone users how they can watch flash and multitask on a higher scale. You can easily make them do your work just by saying a few good words about Android.

3. Blackberry users

These come in few nos. But are actually the most active in showing their interest in social life. Blackberry users are like birds in a flock, they are always there on BBM and try to get their social life on a edge. They have a feeling that they are the only guys who have reserved the value of friendship by their social network BBM. They look at Android and iPhone users as nerds and geeks and in some situations consider them as slaves or in worst conditions, untouchables! BBM makes them a star is also in one of their thinking. If you see one of them taking your photo, you are likely to be displayed by them on BBM. 'Hey, whats your name? Give me your pin' is their pickup line when the converse with people. If you find one blackberry user with a low battery, please see to it that it recharges before the user faints because of BBM inaccessibility.

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4. Nokia Users

Nokia users feel lucky to be blessed with the strongest and stablest phones in the market. They always praise their phone and Nokia in general. I often wonder whether they really know what  the phone is made of! If they are asked which phone should one buy, they reply with a wholesome answer 'Nokia'. They show their handset in accordance of telling the people the phone's quality. They tend to say things like 'I used it for 2 years, still it works without any problem'. You can convert these into iPhone, Blackberry or Android users after a little of explanation. But don't try to show them that your phone is better, they might disappoint you in saying that they don't need some much features and they are very happy with their phone.

This is what you can watch everywhere around you. If you feel that I was wrong in some sections then please correct me. Comments are always welcomed!


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