.TK has recently became the most famous service for having a free domain. However people fail to use it the proper way, they simply use the domain to redirect it to their blogger blog URL.
The proper way would be adjusting the DNS settings so that the domain would be suitable for permalinks.

e.g -
Without DNS (With only redirecting enabled) -

Home Page
Post permalink
With DNS settings enabled -

Home Page
Post permalink
What we see here is outcome of simple DNS adjustments which make the domain more useful and handy.
In order to set your domain in this way, you need to follow the tutorial below.

1. Get a .TK domain by using a .TK account.You can use the redirect function there. We will be changing this to DNS later.

2. Once done Login into my .TK and open Domain Panel

 3. Now click on 'Modify'

 4. Now click on Use

5. Now enter the settings as I have entered here

Settings Used -

6. Click 'Save Changes'

7. Now open Blogger.com, then open the settings of your blog. And click '+ Add a custom domain'

8. Now click 'Switch to advance settings'
9. Now enter your URL instead of 'www.stbtestblog.tk' and make sure that you have 'www.' in front of the URL.

Now you are completely done with your domain. You can find this domain in action in about 5 minutes after you do this. Now whatever you post will be posted on your .tk domain.

Here is the list of Pros and Cons of having a .tk domain

Pros -
  1. Absolutely Free
  2. Can be Setup in just a few minutes
  3. Full DNS Control
  4. Free Renewal
  1. Google Search omits results from such websites
  2. Domain is removed if there is low traffic
What I would recommend you is to think twice before using this domain. If you are starting a blog where you find getting traffic from search engines necessary then I would rather prefer you using the subdomain on blogger itself or simply buy a new one from blogger. Right after you use this domain you wont be able to get traffic from search engines.


  1. But it is also not good in terms if we want to shift to .com domain then it has a problem of redirecting

  2. It Says That
    "There was an error in the values you entered. Please check."

    1. Use -

      instead of


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