Password is indeed the most important aspect of security when it comes to online activities. One should be careful while setting one. Carelessness in such things can lead to terrible mishaps.

Why should I keep my password difficult?

A password is like a key to a door. If it is simple enough for anybody to crack, then it would be of no use. However the password with difficult characters is denser or impossible to crack.

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What is a secure password?

A secure password is the one with denser a character arrangement, yet it still can be remembered without any problem. 

How to make the password more secure?

The password can be made more secure with the following procedure.

We will be taking a sample password and will be modifying it.
Sample Password – sanvedtapkeer

1)      Using Capital Alphabets – The password sanvedtapkeer can be further modified into SANVEDtapkeer
2)      Using Numbers – We can add numbers to the password anywhere to make it compact. Like we can add SANVED747tapkeer or 123SANVEDtapkeer to sanvedtapkeer
3)      Adding punctuation marks – Punctuation marks makes it quite difficult to remember, but it makes the password very strong. So you can make the password like !@#456SANVEDtapkeer or sanved(*)TAPKEER
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4)      Misspell the password – This situation makes it impossible for the person who saw / heard your password. This would confuse him and he / she will end-up entering the original word. Like here you can do – samved123!@#tapkir
5)      Last but not the least; you can add unicoded pictures to the password. Well I know this sounds confusing and rather irrational. But it’s true and works like a charm on many sites.. There are many pictures made using the UNICODE. You can simply enter them and be happy that no one can every think of such a password. So here is a demo –

When you press Alt + 3 you get this -
When you press Alt + 1 you get this –
When you press Alt + 2 you get this -
When you press Alt + 4 you get this -

You can try such combinations and have a great password. Here are some ideal passwords –




One with a password strong as above will find peace when it comes to hackers.


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