Mobile Recharge is one of the things which is quite expensive, but still one of the basic needs while using a mobile. Many people spend almost 500 Rs. just on their mobile phone for a month.
There are a few ways to bypass this strain on wallet and earn mobile recharge online with simple steps given below.

1. EmbeePay on Facebook

EmbeePay is an useful App on Facebook serving mobile recharges in the form winnings and earnings. It has a simple interface with lucid instructions on earning recharge and then using it.
Click Here to register with EmbeePay.
For instructions on getting more money through this, follow this article - here

2. Way2SMS

Way2SMS has given a slow but effective way to earn recharge, just like EmbeePay this refers to clicking on ads and earning about 2 to 3 paise for it. Nevertheless its a worth try. Click here for registering on way2sms.

3. Ultoo Recharge

Ultoo recharge gives an innovative way to earn recharge, it pays you 2 paise, once you send anyone a message. This way you have get free messages and recharge by simple and free means. Register for ultoo here

If you find any website providing recharge like the ones above, please comment below and let me know.


  1. try - free call, free sms , free recharge in which :

    1. You will get 4 paisa for each sms you send
    2. You will get 3 paisa for each quiz you attempt
    3. You will get 2 paisa for each True false question you attempt
    4. You will get 1 paisa for each poll you attempt
    5. You may earn upto Rs 5 for each refferal minimum Rs.1

  2. Thanks for the post and great tips..even I also think that hard work is the most important aspect of getting notes


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